not His job

It doesn't matter
what I want
because we all
must survive the plot.
The problem on the platter
is a betterment knot.

You don't have to lie,
I know it all begins with "I".
It's easy to see
how it's all about "me",
and yet you keep
looking to your golden idol
to fix it all.

All He can
is give a prophet,
and I'm willing to bet
you're not up for that.
You may squander some days
thinking of God's ways,
why we're here,
how it got to this day
with the sunset just so,
but the meaning of life
you ought not ignore.

History shows us a path,
quite a few in fact.
Nature always adapting,
people and setting,
so we can all live the better.
Then of course there's instinct,
who's needs are succint,
survive, protect,
have sex.

She's just a woman,
and he's just a man,
and they're both just as human
as your family clan.
They should be
just as free,
but instead,

they sit in the rain,
without your champaigne,
in embattled domain,
and everyone to blame.
Fixing it is not His modus,
that's why He made us.
It's all just
one big experiment,
the rat race heaven sent.
His one command
for everyone we have to fend.

I may not know
just what is right,
but at least I try.
I do not follow,
I do not lead,
I'm just trying to see
over the crowd.
So many people
drowned in the Sea
of Money and Status,
it's become hard to sell
our Liberty Bell.

The way it is
right here and now
why we live
is for that easy cash cow.
He gave a greater purpose,
and it's not about "me".
Born just as naked,
just as spartan and stupid,
as the children starving
from here out to Beijing.

Here we have everything,
from a porcelain sink
to a shiny silver spoon,
but those other children
will be leaving soon,
and their mothers
would hope for mortal bane
from aeroplanes,
or their brothers
may change their name
and kill you just the same,
because you sat there in the pew
instead of feeding just a few.

they sit in the rain,
without your champaigne,
in embattled domain,
and everyone to blame.
Fixing it is not His modus,
that's why He made us.
It's all just
one big experiment,
the rat race heaven sent.
His one command
for everyone we have to fend.


Live FOR Living

Now I look around
and see deception abound,
all the people cowed,
thinking poverty allowed
and forever stuck in that crowd.
Some are happy that way,
laboring through the day,
drinking their nights away,
thinking they have equal say
in the electorals
without morals,
picking the lesser of two evils.

But with all the cheesy marketing,
saying buy this new bling bling,
they miss the all important thing,
and choose to continue suffering.
Mostly the problem
a choice was never given them.
Forced outside the system,
never to be better than
the next sardine in the can
because they put it all on credit,
then to another sale, they headed,
and put that one on debit.

Who cares about your car
or that your trinkets aren't up to par?
Right now, that's all you are,
but you could put that dollar
to better use than a collar,
in particular,
you could help the people starving,
or having trouble retiring,
or fund the next new thing
that just might cure cancer,
instead of buying into salesmen's banter.

He says you need a glitzy new machine,
even though the clunker does what you need.
So what if it has it's picky ways
and trips a breaker if the radio plays,
big deal, it still works the same.
Why not put some money away
for that rainy day
when hubby gets the pink and loses pay.

You vowed to give your kids
something better than this,
but all too many miss
they look to you for every example
to make their life plenty and ample,
and they'll do
just as you
unaware of money truth.

Just look at your parents,
and their financial merits,
how are their retirements?
If they didn't quite make it,
shouldn't you do something different?
The ones who gained their bliss
started their own business,
and left the life of risk.
Look around and see
if there's a job within reach
for a couple hundred G's
in the employed society,
then do a little research
and see how many recently perched
to be outsourced and usurped.

Even self-employed's not good enough,
better believe it, you're cuffed.
There is no other way
outside of working every day
for the biz to bring in money,
and when you've worked your 40 years
be prepared to reap your fears,
cause they don't care about blood, sweat, and tears.
When you sell and see the balance
it's worth not a quarter of your life insurance.
So when the sole proprietor
just can't work anymore
there's nothing left to live for.

When the numbers are added up,
it's obvious the employed are fucked,
because with inflation and gas
you need more money, and fast.
If you're at less than six figures
plan for your winters
to be cold and bitter,
because when it's your retirement
all the money in the government
will be accounted for and spent.

Until we rid of consumerism
there will remain this schism
between the free and those in prison.
For me it's plain
money is both the chain
and the weakest link,
ruling how we think,
morals gone for the black color ink.
So many lacking their fair portion,
the average person
borders on larson
for their financial pardon.
There must be more done
to help these people
climb money's steep hill,
instead of clinging to the filthy sill
overlooking some Thanksgiving fill.

There is someone doing this, you see,
but because of all that cheesy marketing
by the companies
that only like you for your money,
it doesn't make it to your TV,
news read,
or parental feed,
and it is the only way,
the true way,
the real way,
and the honest way,
to make FOR living and get paid.



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Much Awaited Update

I've been very sick in the last couple of weeks, although I am better now, updates will be slow here for a while. I need to catch up on a few house duties, but as inspiration strikes me I will continue to write.

In the meantime, I'd like to clarify a few things. Firstly, some if not most of the entries here are in prose, and I don't generally link to the related news stories because I feel that you should keep yourself updated enough to already know about these things. Everyone needs to know what's going on in the world right now, because in a very short span of time a very great number of things are going to change in the way we live.

Another item you might have noticed is how outwardly bombastic and generally disgusting some of these entries can be. This is our world today. This is what you are living in - you are living in a world of filth. You need to see it, and you need to understand that there is something you can do about it. Don't go wandering around in your daily routine like the imperialist zombie you've been taught to be - have an active part in your world. Do something to make it better. Question it, seek to find the one correct end-all answer. Empower yourself, because in the near future, your job will be very different. The time is now to find yourself, or find yourself lost in the American meltdown to come.

America will lose this war. Indeed, we already have.

Our nation as we knew it is crumbling from the inside out. CIA leaks, upscale indictments, scandals everywhere you look, lobbyists having all the say over the people - everything is falling to shambles. Riots ensue when Bush goes anywhere for a good reason. I'm not even calling him the President anymore because I feel, as do many others, that he made the ballots lie. This nation has become a dictatorship, the politicians have figured out a way to manipulate the system in such a way that the people who should have control no longer do, and there inlies the problem - we have a system.

Granted, since Somalia took down its government in 1991 it hasn't done much better either, but they will see how to work together soon enough. Venezuela has done quite well for itself, and for those of you who aren't capable of surviving the battle to come, I recommend you move there.

Another item I'd like to bring up - I wish reporters would stop slinging around the word Anarchy. Anarchy is not chaos, it is a large group of people working together for the same cause without a leader. They are each their own leader, bringing up ideas and acting upon them. For a few perfectly stable examples of Anarchy, look at anything Jim Henson produced. I still feel it was particularly misfortunate that he got that headache, but he left enough of a legacy for us to learn from.

Until next time, keep your eyes open, read all you can, and know your world.