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Much Awaited Update

I've been very sick in the last couple of weeks, although I am better now, updates will be slow here for a while. I need to catch up on a few house duties, but as inspiration strikes me I will continue to write.

In the meantime, I'd like to clarify a few things. Firstly, some if not most of the entries here are in prose, and I don't generally link to the related news stories because I feel that you should keep yourself updated enough to already know about these things. Everyone needs to know what's going on in the world right now, because in a very short span of time a very great number of things are going to change in the way we live.

Another item you might have noticed is how outwardly bombastic and generally disgusting some of these entries can be. This is our world today. This is what you are living in - you are living in a world of filth. You need to see it, and you need to understand that there is something you can do about it. Don't go wandering around in your daily routine like the imperialist zombie you've been taught to be - have an active part in your world. Do something to make it better. Question it, seek to find the one correct end-all answer. Empower yourself, because in the near future, your job will be very different. The time is now to find yourself, or find yourself lost in the American meltdown to come.

America will lose this war. Indeed, we already have.

Our nation as we knew it is crumbling from the inside out. CIA leaks, upscale indictments, scandals everywhere you look, lobbyists having all the say over the people - everything is falling to shambles. Riots ensue when Bush goes anywhere for a good reason. I'm not even calling him the President anymore because I feel, as do many others, that he made the ballots lie. This nation has become a dictatorship, the politicians have figured out a way to manipulate the system in such a way that the people who should have control no longer do, and there inlies the problem - we have a system.

Granted, since Somalia took down its government in 1991 it hasn't done much better either, but they will see how to work together soon enough. Venezuela has done quite well for itself, and for those of you who aren't capable of surviving the battle to come, I recommend you move there.

Another item I'd like to bring up - I wish reporters would stop slinging around the word Anarchy. Anarchy is not chaos, it is a large group of people working together for the same cause without a leader. They are each their own leader, bringing up ideas and acting upon them. For a few perfectly stable examples of Anarchy, look at anything Jim Henson produced. I still feel it was particularly misfortunate that he got that headache, but he left enough of a legacy for us to learn from.

Until next time, keep your eyes open, read all you can, and know your world.

We Never Learn

Augustus liked the little boys as much as the next Shogun, yet this wasn't seen as strange. Nudity all over their prominent buildings, heck, they even bathed together. Pornography and homosexuality - how naive of you to think it new.

Yet this is not a problem, the problem lies in 'taboo'. Fuck, shit, damn, you know it's not bad. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't say he's a fucking idiot unless you want him to fuck you, idiot. But if you whaked your big toe, go ahead, if it makes you feel any better.

We think it's bad, so we make it bad. We think masturbation a secret, gas un-natural, and sex up the rectum wrong. Tell ya what, 9 out of 10 men and women touch themselves, everyone's gotta fart sometime, and pre-historic men didn't know which hole made the baby - only that the other one is spewing blood.

Yeah it's disgusting, but disgusting isn't wrong. Fried cow's brains, a delicacy on a bun - and perfectly legal. Do you eat it? No? How about olives, spinach, or sauerkraut? Lots of people do, they must be evil.

Censorship feeds criminals, when you hide you beg to be found. If it's all right there in front of you, there's nothing left to find - no harms and no fouls. I'll stand outside naked, I have no qualms with that, I was born this way, after all. I crave sex, it feels good to fart, and if he wants it 'that way' - hey why not? Go look at a National Geographic, see all the perfectly moral societies that let their women just hang right out. We have made a problem out of what comes natural, what was free and real from the moment we came from our mother's cunt.

Absolutely nothing is offensive, you should learn that. When we grow up being taught about breasts and dicks just as easily as that was said, there will be a warmer home beneath those covers. Don't be so fucking insecure. Some men like men, some women like women, some people like anal sex, and some people like sauerkraut.

Deal with it.


Technical Difficulties

I'm quite frankly starting to get very very aggravated at my host. Hopefully by tomorrow all of this will be resolved. Until then, another holiday.

Sorry, but I can't post the images, so there's no point in publishing the post. Plus I hate blogger, it's limited and annoying, and I just want to get away from it as soon as possible.

FYI, when this server is up, I'm going to start offering a "Hands On Activism" award. That's the main reason why I have to wait until the server is up again. Until then...


Server Issues

Due to server issues that should be resolved before the end of the day, I am taking the day off to work on them. Sorry... but think of it this way - tomorrow's entry will only be even better! In the meantime, I have a music rant for you. Enjoy!

The Great Music Hunt

In my seemingly neverending hunts for decent music, I crash landed in shit land. Often times I check out the samples at 'shitland entrance', then if they're interesting enough, I visit the website 'alternate shitland entrance'. Karn8 is so wrong on so many levels. They do have a bit of symphonic talent, but they repeat just shy of teeth-gratingly terrible, putting them in the "Pop" category. Pop is pretty far 'down there' in my black list of genres, but they managed to keep me interested with their symphonics, photogenics, and ultra Goth facade.

...but that's just where they violated even more of my unspoken music laws.

What about them isn't obviously Goth? They've got the spiritual reference in the band name - incarnate, better still the logo is made in runic, the dark and broody makeup with black clothing and plenty of crosses, they claim to be "Everything That You Despise" - a typical Goth label, and quirky band member names - Bones, Kirst, Mart, Leigh, and oh get this, Kinghorn. The music alone screamed conformism and 'Oh My Goth' suburbia, and a short visit to their site confirmed it.

They are anti-conformism conformists. They have fallen into a label and never bothered to advance it. How can I put this simpler? They're still doing the same thing Goths were doing when it became a 'fashion trend'. The whole reasoning behind anti-conformism is to not conform, nobody does the same thing, and that includes all those who aren't conforming.

Or would that make everyone conforming again?

Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed.

Isn't there any decent music? I've listened to Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Flesh Eating Foundation, Andriod Lust, Factory of Angst, and many other crappy artists who I just don't feel like hunting down. So far I've found three pretty decent ones, Autumn's Grey Solace, Voltaire, and The Sins of Cain. Granted most are nowhere near as good as Twelve Girls Band, Rasputina, or Enigma in that realm of music, but they're still pretty decent listens.

I'd love to add to my 367 hours of music - if you've got links, I've got some pretty eager ears.


Here are the Mind Fuckers

by 51 Phonehome, all rights reserved

---so here is the secret code to be avoided at all costs during the state of the union address:

Melchizedek butt-fucks Joseph MacArthy who protects ruthless terrorists, he reads Mein Kampf as he spreads AIDS across the entire middle ages with the help of holy Amschel Mayer, the indifferent leader of Union oil, the Morgan Stanley of mass destruction, a friend of the mass media and other kinds of mafias, a warlord like Douglas MacArthur, a modern version of mad Marduk, a magician telling George Marshall about Pearl Harbor and Machiavelli's big weapons of potential wealth, a hardliner like Mr. John McCloy who kissed the asses of the secret assassins of Dallas, a supreme liar like Robert McNamara who pushed political defeat in the endless Asian Mexican wars, a money supply freak who attacked Karl Marx, the rogue and bully who predicted the massacre at My Lai as the burgers were ordered with hormones and this deficeit spending at the local MacDonald's, a gift bought by the mysterious Rothchilds with intense consultations at the United Nations security council, the true mystery school of the majestic-12, so please tell Teihard that I've arrived on the planet, tell Brother Allen, that I'm with him on the planet Mars, that he and I are perfect as we explore these Egyptian pyramids, and discover the holy secrets of the Sphinx paws, there is a confusion that persists like a public straight-jacket, that persistently howls on the road , this billion dollar message delivered by the New York Times, a message of future mischief ehoed by Newsweek that Ronald Reagan was secretly shot by Rockefeller with Alzheimer's bullets, that the budget for the Russian revolution didn't have enough votes in congress, that the Rosicrucians had a fisical crisis that inspired Alfred Rosenberg, who aked for a referendum that allowed Walt Rostow who was a friend of Dean Rusk who was a friend of George Bush to bomb Kosovo in secret defiance of the latest drug treatments inspired by the Trilateralists who sent a puppet like Colin Powell to pressure Iraq to increase any jihad that could be convenient for the persecution of traditional industrial interests, so tell dear Teilhard that I'm on the planet, brave old prophet, tell also Arthur C. Clarke that my shining white cloak will blind you, then rip you to pieces in this political recycling environment found in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan, a black magic given with extreme voter legitimacy like the time the Lusitania was sunk with Lucifer cackling for victory on the Somme, then an analysis of Hiroshima that showed this great progress in just thirty years, a celebration by the Jehovahs that said Korea led to the Gulf of Tonkin, so dear Allen I'm with you inside the Federal Reserve, I'm interrogating Alexander Hamilton, the bitch, who claimed he was a Christian, but was actually a closet Jew, a Muslim that got shot in that face with a thunderbolt sent from Shiva's traditional political indifference machine, a Buddhist form of retribution brought to you wrathfully by the god of death Yamantaka, who applauded Barry Goldwater's holy atomic orgasm, Clinton's crusades of the Lincoln bedroom, LBJ's space shuttle, from where I can now see the earth like a jewel, where Nixon and JFK debated the fate of the galaxies, written in psychic ink by Dostoyevsky, as he lamented the energy policy of the Council of Foreign Relations where shares for Auschwitz were traded on the New York Stock Exchange, so Tell Moloch that I am here, that Green Tara is the friend of the holy universe, tell dear old Teilhard that I'm here.


The Faces of Disaster

I cry for you, Rosa, you succeeded and you failed, but not all is on your shoulders. A hero in a heroin society, addicted to the sick sadistic rape of a little Queen,

tell me, do the screams still haunt you, does she smile in your dreams?

Nobody can watch your homecoming win, New Rochelle, sorry, your fans are too violent.

Too many ways The Establishment has failed us, police cannot protect their own, let alone the abused mother butchered and left in a ditch, or a helpless infant, or a family thrown to the bay,

I cry for you society.

In centralized rule all that's important is me, myself, and I, we can never work together, segmenting to smaller of bigger groups, yelling out specialized cause without a follow through,

down to the core,

everyone hates everyone, for one reason or another,

you're black, you're gay, you're stupid, you're smart, you're a woman, you're a man, you're young, you're old, you're Christian, you're Pagan,

your flouridation, your cancer, your Christmas, your laughter,

not in my back yard, I'm just too good for that.


New Stuff in the Works

I've changed my mind on updating both - pretty soon I'm going to set this to redirect to the new site. Probably right around the same time I finish the new design - yeah I decided to bite the bullet and make an entirely new design from scratch. It's a pain in the rear, but it's coming along smoothly so far.

Please leave your comments on the other site from here on out - thanks =)

Children die in such ways

I find that I can't get Jeffrey out of my mind. I can see him at 11- 12 years old jumping in the car, when I'd pick him up at a friends. It's so's almost like you can reach out and touch him. What a world of hell this administration has put us in. One we will live in all the rest of our days...

Everybody dies, he could have gone another way, but he had to leave his parents behind. Voting put to 18 so they could have a say before they died, but we're still trapped and corralled, cordoned off to the private sector, waiting to be picked up by the butcher Uncle Sam. We're not so different in times of difference, we both still put our own heads to the chopping block.

Lost my father much too soon, but not to ideals, he died for his vices, the apple didn't fall far,

as I light another,

you know he went to jail saying things I said before, didn't like the big guy either,

we're all the fruit of our tree, the weak seed of American tree. Pine-ing for that shiny new thing, blind to the bright

to superscede you, a genius at your feet, begging for more than bottom feed from the colorful box,

they want you, mommy, they want you to show them the way to two jobs and poverty, gotta have that prettier sparkley, put it on the credit card and watch the money go before it comes,

hey you know this is stupid, how come you can't just show them how to build,

their mind a precious thing.


The All New Location

Guess what?

The New Location Is Done!

There's still a little tweaking to be done, but that won't take long. Just a couple of days. I'll catch up with all you readers to let you know the new URL, just in case you miss this post =)

To all those who link to me, please change the pointing addy to:



Have to get ahead of tomorrow, into the future where sane people live, tell them I don't want to go, tell them I'm happy with your

panties in a bunch for a cheerleading whore, Oh governor, you're so 'cool', so cool in the face of disaster, when the planes hit - what were you after?

I'm so tired of this bullshit circus, he did this, she said that, fuck it all for its bucket 'o crap, you know they've got cures for that

trigger happy delusion of grandeur, shit didn't I say I was getting off this train? Jumping right away, escaping to something better, hey you know there's androids out there? They'll babysit your kid and show 'em math, maybe the Jihads on Darwin could use 'em to strap up their stupid

for paradise, oh daddy, tell me how many women I will have again, God save me from your followers, they're a numbskulled bunch, can't see beyond the Great Beyond,

there's a lot more going on In Here, you know thought is possible, angry fucking explodable head sailing jihads,

we can be real people about this and see what's what before exploding another hairy foot to heavan,

Oh it's so beautiful, greener pastures and all, you know it's hard having a reason to live, your God must have oops forgot the suicide thing, somehow Sun Tzu did okay though

might be just cause they plain hate all Black Ships, simple policy - fuck all of you, maybe that's what Bush is goin' after.


Letters from an Alien

Content and art used with explicit permission from the author, 51 Phonehome. No other use or distribution is allowed, excepting a link to this post and where it has already been published. This is the first of many, enjoy!

The Old Mind Fuck

I see humans fucking the planet, preparing for war, these fools fucking their way, on multiple fronts, spraying nerve gas inside the deleted folders of Yahoo customers who couldn't pay the rent on time, smashed and beaten customers heading towards a speedy death on CNN, the arena of the oil kings, fucking butt live on NBC where the lords of military industry pick-up the defecit forecasts left-over by the CEOs of Chase Manhatten bank who tax the nation for the costs of SDI, while Osama bin-Laden waits for his tax-cut of oil and silicon, a savings account of monsterous trillions filling the TV screens with images of hopeless galaxies that poke the gross domestic product with these psychic fingers of infected conspiracies, the mind-fuck that falls off the world trade center, these big breasts dying in the private sector of Oklahoma, the place where Columbine kids go for their appeals, in the federal district court near the pyramids that steam-whistle in the deep mists of North Korea, a power that slinks to Bagdhad quietly in a symbolic gutter, drinking Jack Daniels in Teheran's slums,

a battle in the desert capital of Persepolis where Moloch's mouth dumped a dead body and Ramakrishna breathed solitary fire in Iraq as he danced with Padmasambhava in the dispute of the final phase, on top of the retreating skyscrapers here on the American earth, friends from a past-life in Atlantis forgotten frozen deep in silent ice stones, O Ramakrishna, where is this Vivekenanda, where are those inevitable technologies that will make life on earth a Marxist paradise, tell the state department, before the next alien war, july the fourth, tell friends of Teilhard that I'm on the planet, tell the U.S. troops that nifty quantum vacuums will liberate the planet, tell Iraq it's cheap and clean, tell the white house that zero gravity will soon arrive with its blissful fangs and beady eyes, a public front of giant propulsions, tell Dan Rather that his anthrax breath will cease strip-mining our collective psyche, that the government will stop selling us this shit in cheap wine glasses, that the hungry assholes in Jerusalem will stop their private police force which seeks imaginary enemies under every naked rug, which makes these unnecessary wars and shoots slaves to the moon, to Jupiter where the gladiators swill their vengeful beer in the fog and toke their rural dream weed in the marshes of basra, where Abraham spied for the aliens near horrifying Mount Sinai, tell Teilhard that I'm on the planet with brother Allen who sits in the interrogator's chair refusing to believe this shit, this wicked merger of an artificial unity.


Through Mine Eyes

Such is the focus in life, always someone else and not myself, they play with your head opening the door and putting in their ideas, never to be your own. The individual is lost, ever following that chance for an Angel, the grass so green on the other side, walk the way everyone else has. Why have so many of us if it always comes down to one Bush who pulls the trigger? I didn't ask for this, the blood of many splayed across derelict clay of off-home abodes, monuments torn to shatters from Christmas to the politically correct. Diversity has taught us a cruel lesson of bloodied tolerance, but it always ends up caught in one word, one person. Whatever happened to each his own, replaced by questioned torture and shoddy filmography, innocents bound and missing.

Hey but I've come to save you of your heathenous ways, to show you the glory of strapping on a bomb to show the world the size of the heart.

I have spent your free thought, tacked it up to a cross and left it to die.

So caught up in taxing the poor and leaving the rich to donate the rest to my cause, my purpose, my SUVs and my gunning lobbies. I'll be better, the lesser of two evils, the voice of the people lining my purse. No less a representation of America as it is Americans. I'll say it if you pay me, I'll flip burgers and clean toilets until I get tired of the money, maybe then I'll carry dishes for tips or run for President.

Nation of the free to be in poverty, sans morality and family, can do whatever is possible, so long as you've got background palpables. Nation run on paper to ignore the pauper, without property you have no voice, without a lobby full of people you're a pin drop in a Hey stack.

Go ahead and eat it, indulge in your fat reflection that everyone but you sees, taking up two parking spots reserved to those through which the biggest asses can speak, by these people, for these people. Yes, you are the great capitalist nation, talking your big words for the little people full on nothing but hot air and promise, giving the solution but never to the problem.

And then the nation stops in awe to watch the fattest of them all get fatter with pregnancy, marry, divorce, and loose the weight in the fab new diet created during 30-hour marriage. From silver screen and silver spoon they can't see the lessons they teach, hypnotizing humanity in miscreant lies of beautiful filth. Such is the nourishing food for society, media made nannies to a bottle fed hypocrisy, wiping our ass so we don't see our shit.


Urban(ned) Mindscape

What is it with men and bags? How fair is that question, when I perhaps have six myself, worse still they progress from 'small sack' to conceable in my hand...

and 9 pairs of black high heel boots...

perhaps man can be left to their one accessory, even if for some it's a tail between their legs. Now why am I being so mean to men today? Is it perhaps because men design our lingerie both to ass-rape us from afar and put bare breasts in mag ads?

...thought on what has made a woman beautiful through time, and how that bit has changed to sexy, sumptuous, polite tiny bites and eloquant po(i)se, eating a sausage in a low collar'd shirt, everything is beautiful that a woman does, should man ever .com to see them. Madonna's got disco and, surprise, a hot new single just like all the rest.

...I'm hung up on you...

...I'm hung up on you...

...I'm hung up on you...

...Something's coming over, mmmmm...

...Something's coming over, mmmmm...

...Something's coming over, mmmmm...

So annoying I've hung up on you and coming over with something. Someone invented pop and the albinos were suddenly colorful, quicker than a ray of light.


Naturally Supernatural

If our eyes, ears, noses, tongues, and fingers already miss certain things that we know about, then it would be perfectly logical that our senses miss things we don't know about - or at least, question the existance of.

I've stated once before that I'm not a Christian, so keep this in mind.

What if we just can't see Spirits?

...or vampires?

...or demons?

...or angels?

...or pegasi?

What if we can't see God?

What if they all live among us, and not in some distant mental plane, but right here. Right in front of you - sitting betwixt the screen and your eyes.

How's that for coffee?

Better still - what if we've simply forgotten how to see them? This would explain a LOT of myth, and in a way, lends to evolution. We simply evolved out of seeing these things - much like a kid grows out of telling silly stories about monsters in their closet. We have gradually closed our minds. Over time, humans have come to use less and less of their brains. The debate remains as to whether this is due to less brain use or brain growth, but what if we have so many more senses then what we use?

What if we have a radio in our head, that can talk to anybody anywhere - Earth and beyond?

What if, on this radio, we're sending out waves of energy insulting these other beings?

A bit far fetched? Maybe not.

Can YOU explain crop circles?


The Fear Plague

If I asked you to put your arm into a shark's mouth, would you do it?

What if I told you this shark had already eaten a very hearty meal, and his mouth was opened by someone else - would you do it then?

Those who understand sharks would immediately say yes, without hesitation.

But what about the rest of us? Most cringe at the sight or thought of sharks, wish their demise, some even go so far as to torture, poke, and berate a shark when they encounter one. Without an understanding of specifically what causes a shark to attack, which species are more prone, and how to effectively defend oneself, the general public is left with only crippleing fear. Since the movie Jaws and its surrounding publicity, a larger majority have at least qualmed some of their fears, but there remains a surprising percentage of completely uneducated people.

Same can be said for every cause of fear known to man. Fire, death, heights, bugs, crowds, AIDS, guns, homosexuality, ridicule, other races, witches, and spirits all number amongst the thousands of fears that have gone through the test of time and been conquered, in at least some form, by more than just a few. Every day more people are being educated on these subjects and being released of their misgivings, but in most cases the fear is so deepset that it takes a very long time for the entire society to adapt. Worse yet, some people even fear change.

Eventually every fear is relinquished, but not without a period of extreme hate. Witches have been burned, former slaves were Seperate but Equal, Jews were killed in droves, homosexuals battle to marry or join the military or gender-specific groups, AIDS made facemasks a fashion, and we have made ourselves hypocrits over the Third Amendment. We scorn our criminals and free-thinkers alike, torturing, poking, and berating without any form of second thought.

What is not understood is feared.

Natural human response is to fight, or take flight.

Recently I have encountered a few with extreme misgivings, causing a bit of a squabble in my comments. Merely more evidence of the fear plague. It has come into question why I haven't blocked them from slandering me. They are simply responding to their human nature and fighting - I do not fear that. What's more, they are openly displaying their ignorance. This is actually a good thing. When a customer complains it means you have a chance to fix it. Only the truly ignorant would 'change the channel' and go somewhere else.

...or should that perhaps be the other way around?


Thought is Pointless

In the comments to Reality is not Real, Psuedolus gave the notion that thought is pointless. No, that's too strong. Specifically, just so that I don't take this 'out' of context, he stated:

And before you go off on my not understanding your subjects, I have immersed myself in all manner of occult topics for many decades and decided that such loose thinking was not productive nor any true reflection of reality.

Let us analyze some history, hmm?

Plato started the debate on Nature vs. Nurture. In much later years, this prompted scientists to question it deeper. In 1995, the Human Genome Project was completed. Since then, we've made miraculous leaps and bounds in medicine. Granted, most of these leaps aren't particularly astounding, leaving our abilities to simply holding a person on a long torturous teather. However, a large majority of patients are benifiting from another treatment, also very tightly based on 'loose' thinking.

In fact, the very same loose thinking I'm speaking of in this blog.

The power of the mind, and our power to trick it.

Laughter is still the most powerful cure known to medicine. Some patients even react positively to placebo.

Loose thinking has proven itself many times to not only be fruitful, but also a large trend in a society's way of life outside of the esoteric, such as Benjamin Franklin's lightning experiment, and Plato's republic government concept. Astrology, airplanes, Dynasties, the Pope, the Tarot, and recorded history would not exist. Why record history if there's nothing we can learn from it? Many societies have found no reason to document their daily lives, or even write at all.

Apparently, I should stop right there as writing is pointless.


The Heavans and Our Dreams

Wednesday night I had a particularly strange dream, as noted in my personal journal, and I would like to go back to this. Please read it, I'll reference it throughout this entry.

Perhaps the most important part is the weather. Summer is the time of warmth, and relates to the sun. Let's look at a few ancient symbolic depictions of the sun, from Giordano Bruno, De Imaginum Compositione and Ars Memoriae, respectively, via Esoteric Archives.

Note the common use of the Lion, representative of the zodiac sign Leo, and the head within the rays of the sun, representative of the ego. The ego part is most important, but there is a common link within the dream for Lions. The Amazons resided in African jungles - and but who is the king of the jungle? The lion.

Basically, this leads me to believe that when it is not raining, the events most closely relate to what I am doing now, my current mental state, my ego. So, I'm running a rat race with everyone else. I am simply following. Also, with relations to the Amazons, I am headed towards my kingdom of sorts - my realm, what I am supposed to be doing, and how I will break free of this rat race.

Most everything else within the dream are representative of what is important to me and relevant to the solution - my family, philosophers, Chakras, technology, and relaxation. There is a prophetic element in the virtual reality battle, warning of difficulty in the technology arena, and of mockery. Another prophetic symbol is the glass dome over the medieval dining hall - kind of a blanketing of future over the past. The fact of it made of glass represents that one must be careful in building this future.

Finally we reach the most perplexing element of the dream - the magical metal-feather shoulder plates. Feathers relate to birds and flight, metal being stregnth, but the fact of them being shoulder plates is perhaps the most important. I am a Gemini, an air symbol, and my ruling planet is Mercury. Once again we look at Ars Memoriae except this time at the planet Mercury. Note in particular the use of wings, mainly due to ancient myth and Hermes, the messenger god. Do I have a message on my shoulders? There's a Yiddish proverb, "God gave burdens, also shoulders." The 'message' was in pieces, and I am to put it together before it can be placed on my shoulders and hold its magical properties. The peices fit together much like a puzzle. It is a strong message (metal) that will help me do battle (invincibility). Also think on the way it was presented to me - by two Amazons - Twins, another symbol of Mercury and Gemini.

That was rather fun =) If you're stuck on interpreting one of your dreams, I'm willing to help. Simply post a comment and I'll cover the symbolism in the next post. Not sure what I'll write about tomorrow, but I'll certainly see you then!


Reality is not Real

Consider the possibilities of dark matter. Strange how something could be invisible and yet have a gravitational pull - or is it?

Remember the debate on Light being either an energy beam or a particle?

Now there's a new debate - whether matter is actually solid, or simply opposite energies reflecting light and opposing other energies - such as our own fingers, creating the feeling of sensation.

Science is delving into molecular make-up in a new way. Their theory is - if something can become nothing, then nothing can become something - or is that something never anything to begin with?

Maybe all of these somethings are actually just clusters of energy.

And all of the 'nothings' (like Spirits, God(s), and thoughts) are errant waves of these clusters.

Think about it - our brain is one big cluster of energy, and controls everything we see, do, and know. Our brain is literally tricking our bodies into perceiving solidity. Deja Vu is just a lapse in our left-brain to right-brain communications - a delay that causes us to experience it again. Another theory on Deja Vu relates to the mammilian brain perceiving it before it sends the information to our 'over brain' - the part that actually has the left and right hemispheres.

Whichever causes Deja Vu, these studies show us just how powerful our brain is in tricking us. But what the brain doesn't know, is that we can trick our brain too. The Law of Belief states that whatever we believe with conviction of emotion will become our reality. You may think this strange, but it truly is not that far-fetched. If our brain is made of energy, and the world is made of energy - couldn't we therefore spread the energy within our brain to the world?

In "What the BLEEP do we know?" they proove this theory. In a study shown in that movie, a thought can be implanted on water, and consistently change the 'picture' of the water depending on the thought.

Before Copernicus, we KNEW the Earth was the center of our universe. Before Columbus or Cortez, we KNEW there was only a finite amount of land. Before Voyager 2 we KNEW there were 8 planets. How is this any different?

Note: After online searching, no other credits can be found aside from "What the BLEEP to we know?" Had I found the studies, I would have credited them - so this article was taken from memory.


Humanity or Evolution, The Human Problem 3

Finally we reach the greatest of human problems - stubborness.

Our simple lack of will to change, or to realize we were wrong.

When Copernicus discovered that Earth is not the center of the universe, his greatest fear was publication because of the ridicule it would bring. Puritans dealing with excessive persecution in Europe found a new home in the Americas because they simply could not believe their way of life to be incongruent - and vice versa. Today, our nation stands upon pillars of Freedom of Religion, and Seperation of Church and State but they don't even truly uphold our way of life. Our pledge of allegiance proclaims monotheism, Christmas is replaced with Holidays, and forget about including The Creation in academia. I didn't say Replace - I said Include.

Personally I don't believe in Creation as it stands, but I still feel we should give our children a choice.

Everyone is so focused on going down One Road that they forget to look around them and see the sights. Choice is the key here. Tolerance of other's views. This whole war is based on intolerance. And I know why we're going through it now.

I'm a firm believer that occurances in history repeat itself until humanity has learned the lesson. In the 1500's Spanish trade ships landed in Japan, and then Jesuits came to Japan and tried to spread their religion. After close to a century of co-habitation, Japan finally got sick of it all, kicked out the foreigners, and banned any religion or culture besides their own. In 1853 the foreigners tried again, and after yet another century of trade and co-habitation, Japan cried out, "Black Ships, Black Ships" and once again kicked out the foreigners. The reverberations of which can be heard throughout Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Pearl Harbor.

What was the lesson? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Japan had no problem living the way it was. Their internal economy was strong, laws were enforced, and eventually a Dynasty would change the way the people were treated. Sure their society was strange - but did they cry out for help in a message in a bottle? No. So they should have been left alone.

Society has gone through the lesson of tolerance again and again - but we just can't seem to get it through our thick towels - er, I mean heads. Let's see here, we've got African slavery, Seperate but Equal, the Salem Witch Trials, the Crusades, Hitler, women's suffrage - shall I go on? Feel free to add to this list.

My point is, you're not the greatest thing in this world. Nothing is. There is no end-all, no one true answer to anything.

Having said this, I am now changing the format of this blog. No longer will there be such a thing as 'series' of articles. I have found that I am boring myself, and probably you in the process. Starting tomorrow I will begin a new format, eventually leading toward the final format of this blog, including my own Wiki to save on definition space. There's lots more planned, so keep your eyes peeled and ready for a surprise in the coming months. Toodles!



It has always amazed me how America's technology is somehow so far behind. You wouldn't believe the cell phones they are already using in Asia - and now they're developing an holographic receptionist. Amazing!

Special Report! Interview With T. Chase

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for this extra special announcement - I've got a special, exclusive interview with T. Chase. Please pardon the roughness of this - but I'm an interview virgin. Thanks T for popping my cherry ;) Strap in, cause here we go! (T's answers are italicised)

What precisely prompted your search for the future within historic texts?
I've been interested in astrology, prophecies, New Ageideas for about 20 years. In 1998 I started this werbsite to spread my ideas to the world, and have steadily added to since then.

Can you give a few examples of seemingly far-fetched predictions that actually came true?
I had predicted Muslim terrorism in July 2005 by the astrology pattern occurring then. And there was the attack on the London subways then.

Has doing this changed your life?
Yes. Actually its a hobby that I enjoy. It keeps my mind working. I work on my site several days a week.

How do you go about predicting?
As described on, I combine astrology, Bible Prophecy, the King James version Bible code, numerical analysis, etc., to predict future events. A major breakthrough for me more than a year ago was when I started using the King James version Bible Codein English on my computer.

Have you ever predicted anything besides complex systems?
I generally predict world events. But here's a guess on baseball: I think the Chicago White Sox will win the Baseball World Series this month.

What other applications have you found for your knowledge?
On my site you will see my attempts at using the King James Bible Code for many other applications: developing Cold Fusion for nuclear power, attemptingto solve the Natalee Holloway missing person case, theoretical physics, etc..

What do you hope to change or affect?
I hope to change the world for the better, and to warn the world about the danger of asteroid impact and Muslim terrorism with Muslims using nuclear weapons against the U.S.. I see a great world crisis with Muslim nuclear terrorist attacks on the U.S. and Israel in August 2007.

Finally, what is your prediction for Terence McKenna's Omega Point, December 12, 2012?
On my calendar page I have my predictions for future years. In 2012 I think the world will be still rebuilding following the catastrophic events of Armageddon that begin in 2007 with Muslim terrorist nuclear attacks. So a "New Heaven and New Earth" is being built then,
with the New Jerusalem in New York City. I think that President Hillary elected in 2008 (as indicated here by the King James Bible Code) will have much to do with rebuilding the world then.

For those who find the idea of Muslim nuclear attacks far-fetched, please read the recent 2005 book "The Al Qaeda Connection" by Paul L. Williams, about Al Qaeda having already brought nuclear weapons into the U.S. that they plan on setting off all at once in several cities, probably on some Osama planned anniversary date.

T was very careful not to answer my personal questions, such as what co-workers think of this hobby, and states to:
Refer to my bio information at the bottom of the first page of my web site. Think about the topics of my site, and you will understand why I prefer to not say too much about myself. I see myself as a kind of"Zorro" character.

Well, I can certainly relate with you there, T! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with me, and I look forward to working with you more.

Tomorrow we should return to the regularly scheduled events =)


[Insert Creative Title Here]

On my GoogleDesktop, I happened a glance at this headline:

"Archimedes Death Ray"

Gosh, I thought, I've just got to read this one!

Unfortunately, a lot of other people have thought on the same page, so the site it links to isn't loading right now.


You've Heard About The Quake, Right?

I don't have television, so this is the first time I'm getting to see just what happened and what's going on in South Asia after the Quake.

It's actually... strangely uplifting.

When you get there, click on "Race to Save Quake Survivors". Sorry if you tried earlier, didn't realize the link was wrong.

Japan, a Whole Different World

Sorry, I'm obsessed with Japan. Partly because the culture is so beautiful, and partly because the society is so... how should I say this... backwards.

There are some who take pride in their heritage, while others mock those of different backgrounds.

More on intolerance later, I've got an interview for you tomorrow that you won't want to miss.

Humanity or Evolution, The Human Problem 2

Now we return to Singularity, and add a new theory, Catastrophe Theory. There are published documentations, as shown before in Singularity, Psychic Evolution Pt. 3 regarding when Singularity will occur, and now we will apply Catastrophe Theory to this.

Catastrophe Theory deals with the possibilities when one factor changes - as in predicting mudslides and so forth. It is a part of Singularity theory - the part that tries to define what happens when two factors cross. The name 'Catastrophe' might be a bit off-key, if Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near depicts an accurate prediction utilizing Catastrophe Theory, for his optimistic but cautioned future. However, T. Chase has been doing a lot of work on the subject of future economic conditions using numerous techniques, and an important part of his prediction for the very near future follows:

Oct. 2005. A 666 day interval date, possibly significant for the Antichrist and Muslim Terrorism. Oct. 3 2005 there is an Annular solar eclipse that passes over the Muslim world - Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. Oct. 4 is the Jewish New Year, and also Oct. 4 is when the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan begins, ending Nov. 2. Ramadan beginning as an eclipse passes over the Muslim world is very significant in terms of prophecy, and the Muslims will likely also find it so and interpret it as a sign from Allah. Watch out for major events in the Muslim world then, and especially watch out for major Muslim terrorist attacks on Oct. 30 2005, the Muslim Night of Power Lailat ul-Qadr, which celebrates when the Koran was revealed to Mohammed, which in 2005 falls on Devil's Night Oct. 30, the night before Halloween in the U.S., indicating there is a strong Satanic energy to the Muslim Night of Power in 2005. Also, the planet Mars (war) is closest to earth on Oct. 30 2005. This all adds up to major Muslim terrorism then, Oct. 30, and big trouble. This will likely cause economic chaos also.
He has so many more predictions and corelations then that - the site is truly an endless basin of information - but that's another story for another time.

Personally I haven't taken the time to sit and understand the math, but I can explain what is behind Catastrophe Theory. Shown to the right is a Cusp catastrophe - this classification applies to two 'control' factors. It may be a bit difficult to see what's going on here if you don't see the control part at the bottom. Imagine this diagram as a cross-section of land, and the Path A and Path B 'controls' are the tectonic plates. The 'bifurcation set' is essentially the energy conversion - the friction caused. All this action reverberates up to the top levels, and causes the sideways mudslide shown.

Essentially, it shows what happens when items work in opposite directions - now let's apply this to economics. Our controls are Supply and Demand. Demand has already started to slip into a different direction due to disproportionate expense/expendable income ratio, mainly because of increased gas prices. The effect on our stock market is apparent when one looks at the top losers at Trading Charts - most of them are 'extras', like Whirlpool, and Student Loans. The top gainers are all investment and energy related. So, money is going out of circulation - this is very important. When an investment is made, the money disappears for a short time before it is recouped and can be repaid - essentially it sits in a bank doing nothing for a few months. On top of that, we're paying more to overseas energy suppliers whether we realize it or not. Money is going out. One of the controls is slipping - the Catastrophe has already begun.

One of the ways we can reverse this is by investing within our nation, and not overseas, beginning with the stock market and working our way toward energy management. Also, exporting more and importing less would help significantly. So many American businesses are only American - they don't ship overseas because it's so darned difficult. However, it is exceedingly easy for foreign businesses to sell to Americans. China's bureaucracy has incidentally made their economy significantly stronger than ours simply because it is so hard to export to them. Another huge problem is overseas labor - we are paying the labor force of other countries for products that we're buying! If you think that's not so bad, think on this - the retail profit margin is generally less than 10%, and labor expense usually runs 40%, so we're keeping 10% in America and sending 40% to the other country for something they didn't conceive, invent, or dig up from natural resources. We're giving them free money and employing their people!

More on this tomorrow =)


Humanity or Evolution, The Human Problem

Some time ago in my personal journal I wrote about LCD or, Lowest Common Denominator. Essentially, it is a societal complex of wanting what someone else has to the point of completely disregarding familial and personal development, causing lowered societal standards for education, spirituality, and morality.

In the end, this causes a rat race - a continuous need to 'buy' and 'have'. This is where the problem lies. Instead of 'growing', 'developing', and 'expanding' we are constantly living in the minute instead of in the future. It seems nobody can see beyond their nose - or rather, that piercing they want in it. Society is so focused on having 'things' that they forget about the power of 'thought' - and worse yet, our government is encouraging this epidemic.

Welfare mothers see that if they have more kids, they get more money. When investors for a business cannot be found, new business owners turn to the government. Senior citizens who forgot to plan for retirement lean on the government. All this leaning on the government causes more people to want money from the government, and turns the government into a self-bankrupting lottery instead of a governing body.

Get this through your heads - the government is not your hand-out (see the entry in Common Sense). They make the laws, they keep us safe, they build our roads, and that should be it. Get your hand out of their tax plate - they need it to keep hijacked airplanes from crashing into national monuments.

Think about your position, and think on how you can develop your life into something better. 'Grow' into your better self, 'develop' a plan to walk out of the rat race, and 'expand' your mind. Reach for your spirituality, produce true thoughts on how to make a better future - don't just sit there and mope over your leaking roof, broken jewelry, or that Hilfiger shirt you can't afford to buy. Raise your families - not your bills. Get outside, do something fun and free, teach them about art, history, and your God or Gods. Discover your meaning for life, instead of the median income.

Don't worry about having a Geo instead of a Jaguar. Do you really need 6,000 horsepower to drive 35 miles per hour? Heck - do you really even need a car? Get a local job, or find something you can do from home. Conserve gas, decrease our national debt, and let America at large get out of this rat race.

We are our own problem. Our ideals, our wants, and that stupid 'standard of living'. Here's a news flash, in 20 years the position New Orleans is in will be a nationwide epidemic if we don't reverse these idiotic trends. Get away from that television and DO something productive, creative, and positive.

Tomorrow we'll look at more problems blocking human evolution...


New Location Coming Soon

Since the beginning of this Blog I've been working to create a permenant home for it and make this the mirror. I've had a lot of other things demanding my time, so it has truly taken much longer than I'd anticipated. However, yesterday I finally finished setting up the new design, and now all I have to do is gather the patience to transfer all of these posts over. The new location uses WordPress - which personally I find to be more powerful and versatile - and has lots of fancy neat design elements. I really can't wait to start using it =)

So, once that's all done, I'll release the new URL here. Both locations will be updated at the same time, so you don't really need to update your bookmarks, but the new location will be easier on the eyes. This one is just so... dull. Onward to more stuff...

Humanity or Evolution?

People are living longer, healthier lives. The richer nations are forgiving the poorer of their debt. Everyone is trying to help everyone else clean up and get back to normal after the recent natural disasters. Yet there are still so many in poverty. There are still so many people that just can't make ends meet, no matter how hard they try. Worse yet, there are thousands of delusional, criminal, hateful, and simply evil people in the world that really don't deserve to be around. This isn't the way it will be in the future - in 20 years America will face a New Depression, and the rest of the world will follow closely. Some decisions and sacrifices will need to be made - but how will we come back to thrive after this disaster? How can we find ourselves 'back to normal' after the worst economic disaster in history?

The simple fact of the matter is, science is meddling with nature. Darwin's survival of the fittest no longer applies to the human race, and our home, Earth, is becoming overwhelmed.

Woody Allen once stated:
More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads.
One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness,
the other to total extinction.
Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

Essentially, when the choices are:
1. Try and keep up this impossible pace
2. Make sacrifices so that the rest can survive and thrive,

...what do you choose? Trying to keep up this rat race of 'repair everything broken' will almost certainly proove to be an utter failure, whereas 'cutting dead weight' would more than likely proove quite fruitful - but is it a worse solution to kill a few to help the many?

Nature says no according to Darwin; economists say no; but humans say yes.

We are so attached to the notion that if it is alive it should be helped to survive that we forget about the greater good. Would it be, perhaps, that this living being is dieing for a reason? To proove to us that we are going the wrong way, or to try and balance things out again? It may sound very cruel, but I say 'to each his own' in a new sense - every country look after your own. If you can't, too bad. The Age of the Fittest is upon us.

Then there is still yet another question: how do we get this across to government? How can we tell them we should look after ourselves and prepare for this New Depression instead of meddling in everyone else's doings? Would doing so cause a world war?

How are we going to survive this mess?

I know I popped this New Depression on you without reference to anything or why it will occur, but it's a very quiet rumor amongst futurists and economists - a group I have the great fortune of overhearing every now and then. However, for them it's a quiet rumor - for me it's really important. They're not worried about 20 years from now - most of them will be dead or long since retired by then - but I'll be in my late 40's. I'll still have to work the rat race. Everything is in the math - mainly in the catastrophe theory.

I'll go into more of that in the next post. Your thoughts are, as always, more than welcome!


The Final Collective Mind

Our last stop in this series on the Collective Mind is the Shamanic Plane.

You've been visiting a part of it for some time - a place I call 'the cove', with a cave, a forest, a meadow, a river, and mountains in view. This is the basic first starting point. There are many many more places to visit - so many that I will only cover basic information on each. You build each one to your specifics, but there are visual tools that you must build into these places in order for them to be useful.

Perhaps the most useful place to build is The Home. Explore out to the meadow, over to the hilly plains, and seek out a nice level area. Hire a crew, order the supplies, and watch as they build it for you. This Home should be not entirely large, about 40 feet by 40 feet, and as extravagant or basic as you wish it to be. What's inside is most important. Place your desk in the middle of this one room Home, and next to your desk there's a file cabinet. Inside the file cabinet is information on every living person - simply pull out a file and read the facts. Inside each file is also a DVD, which you can put into your player and view on your TV parts of their life. Across the room is a stage or podium, to which you can summon any person, alive or dead, and interview. The furnishings aside from that are up to you - but keep in mind this is your place to work. It will take time to be able to use these tools, but once you reach a point where you are no longer using your imagination it will become easy.

Another place to build is your meditative pond. Simply dig out a hole in the ground and build a serene place. When you look into this pond you will see yourself - but not as you appear. These are things you must develop, or that you're doing well.

Deep inside the cave at The Cove you will discover secrets about yourself - past lives, past lovers, anything deep in your history. It is very much a maze down there, so please be careful not to get lost! Each door holds a new secret about yourself.

There's a mountain in the range that connects to the clouds. When you find it, climb up to the clouds and speak with The Guardians of Knowledge. Mind you - their job is to GUARD the knowledge, so you must proove yourself to be noble and trustworthy. However, they tend to enjoy providing you with plenty of temptation to be otherwise. Don't let them lead you astray!

Deep within the forest is your special home - when you find it you will know it and know what to do with it.

Very far downstream, almost to the ocean, there is a community of sirens. I haven't quite discovered their purpose yet, but they're quite fun to play with and very friendly.

These are all the places that I have discovered so far - and I've also realized from speaking with other Shamans that this plane is different for every person in certain regards. The basics mentioned above are almost always exactly the same, but the World expands much more beyond this. It is up to you to discover all of it, and realize your true potential.

Let the wind lead you, and the birds sing your song as you walk. There are no threats in the Plane unless you invite them. And remember, the longer the journey, the more truth it holds to you.

Unless something strikes me between now and then, tomorrow I will start the next series on Humanitarianism Vs. Evolution. Enjoy your day!


The Collective Mind, Pt. 9

The Tarot first appeared in the late 1300's as a game, but was also quite frequently used among the aristocracy as a divination tool. It was quite taboo to use these cards, so it was kept a secret, and certainly out of the hands of peasants. The fear was that these peasants would become powerful and revolt - especially now that they would understand the world.

The symbolism used is so expansive and ingenius that one would spend a lifetime noting every nuance - so I will provide a few broad strokes to help you.

In general, when learning to read the Tarot, one is instructed to develop a story from what the picture shows. The symbolism is so perfect that one can determine the meaning of the card simply by looking at it and evaluating one's emotions, thoughts, and perceived story. Every item in every card holds a meaning, and perhaps the best way to interpret most of these symbols is by evaluating what the color says to you.

Randomly, I drew from my Tarot deck The Magician - the first Major Arcana card. Depicted is a cat (I have cat decks...) looking up with his hands up high as though 'levitating' his wand above him. Over his head sits the halo of eternity, a golden figure eight. The table before him holds a cup, a sword, a wand, and a coin, and growing all around him are pink and white flowers. The Magician himself is clad in a rust-red tunic with a yellow cape. Behind him is a clear blue sky with clouds coming from the ground.

The Magician is looking up, and up is positive, so this is a positive card. The wand levitating denotes magic. The halo of eternity represents a kind of eternal knowledge and presence. The items on his table are the four suits of the Tarot - so he dabbles in everything. Green growth represents learning, pink flowers are 'youth' while white flowers are 'purity' - indicating a kind of naive innocence in his growth. Red is a power color, while yellow is a calm color - so he his calm but never stops going toward his goal. The sky is not overcast, representing clarity, and the clouds at the bottom of the sky only become a factor when the card is flipped up-side down.

When the card is up-side down, the sky looks to be falling, he's dropping his wand instead of levitating it, the items on his table will all fall off, and the flowers growing around him are about to overtake him. Do you see the story in that? Regarding the colors, everything is bright and happy until you flip the card, then the red in his tunic becomes more apparent - kind of a 'stop' message in that.

Tarot cards should never be described in single words or phrases - as the cards are so deeply rooted in ancient lore with so many little things going on, that a full evaluation should really be performed. Just like dreams. If you connect to Plato's world of perfect forms, and logically reason through how everything 'feels' to you, the symbolism will become so clear and vivid that interpretation will come natural.

The key here is logic and reason. Think about it, and you will know! With a little guidance, you will be well on your way to understanding the Meaning of Life - or whatever strikes your fancy. Tomorrow I will show you a few of the visual tools I use within the Shamanic Plane to discover answers on anything and everything - and that will be the end of this series. I've been working on Humanitarianism Vs. Evolution - basically whether we should apply Darwin's survival of the fittest to economics practices. However, if you're more interested in something else, feel free to let me know!


The Collective Mind, Pt. 8

Plato came up with quite a few very interesting points. I may stray a bit off the topic of explaining the symbols you have and are encountering, but this is only to give you a greater understanding of the world you have been accessing.

One of his most prestigious and famous theories is that of dualistic metaphysics. The perceived world is actually a derivation of the world of perfect forms, and imperfect copies at that. His metaphor of The Sun 'shines light' on this world of perfect forms through processes of the mind that utilize neither sense perception or imagination - in other words, thought, reason, and intellectual activities. The Sun also represents the omnipotent 'Good' form which, according to him, created both the world of perfect forms and the imperfect copy we perceive.

In short, Plato's metaphor of The Sun is essentially Jung's Superman archetype - this is the part of our brain that can access the world of perfect forms. Pretty simple when stated that way, right? I'm going to skip a lot of Plato's theories on the form of the Good (a part of The Sun, which both 'shines light' on the world of perfect forms and created it) being God and all that, because that's where Plato kind of trails off into nonsensical ramblings and confuses people.

Plato's Divided Line is even more vague and obscure, but the general gist is pretty easy to follow. Essentially, 'things' of this world, ideas, items, and ideals, are all spread across a line, and this line is divided disproportionately - by how 'big' these 'things' are. In the smallest section of the line sits the shadows and mirror images of 'things', then the next slightly larger section are the material 'things' we can see and perceive. These two sections compose slightly less than half of the line. The rest of the line are 'things' not perceived, the smaller first section being 'things' in the world of perfect forms, and the largest section of it all contains the form of Good, and other 'things' that we do not need to see in order to know they are there.

The reasoning behind the size of the sections is where it becomes confusing. Smaller sections hold more reality, clarity, and fact, while larger portions relate to more obscurity and opinion. In essence, the Divided Line represents what we must think about, as opposed to seeing it. Lines as symbolism may represent a need to think more on the subject, or that you're not quite seeing the whole truth.

In sum, when you look at the world around you, you're not seeing everything. In fact, you're only seeing an imperfect copy of what the world truly is. Think about that, think about the implications. Would it then mean that when we visit this other plane, that we are actually seeing an imperfect copy of Plato's form of the Good? Or maybe we are finally seeing the world of perfect forms? Personally I haven't been able to solve this dilemma - so other thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow we visit the Tarot - and here is where we will find the greatest repository of symbolism known to man. 78 cards of imagery, perfectly translated in every adept mind, is certainly a force to be reckoned with!


The Collective Mind, Pt. 7b

We left off with Carl Jung's syzygy archetype in the last post, so today we will continue with the rest.

The Child is next on the list of Jungian archetypes, and is every naive notion, every innocent unproven thought. It is also representative of our desire to be sheltered and taken care of. In symbolism, it could appear as a seedling, child, or newborn animal.

The Superman is the part of our subconscious that is all-knowing. Creativity, facts, all thoughts come from this part of us. Remember I spoke of bicamereal man 'speaking' with someone in their mind - The Superman was the other person. Often represented by 'God' type figures, or computers, file systems, anything that could conceivably contain a large database of information.

The Hero is our ideal of what our savior would be - what would be required to make our life 'perfect'. Jesus, Esfandiar (a great Persian hero spoken of in Shahnama), Mother Theresa, and Spartacus, among many others, have been named heros, but personal heros can include that house on a hill with the white picket fence, or that successful job. The Hero is especially personal to every individual, but always represents that single seemingly unreachable desire that would make their life perfect.

The Great Mother is our desire to reproduce - both physically and psychically - as well as forgiving, protective, and the alchemist of growth. Anything natural, fertile, and mature usually portrays the Great Mother - such as a large tree, or an impregnated woman.

The Wise Old Man is that little voice in your head that says something might not be such a good idea - the word of caution. Symbolically, the Wise Old Man could be something natural nearing death, a stop sign, sharp objects, or anything frightening for that matter.

The Trickster is the part of us that wants to seperate from the normal, and usually desires seclusion or extreme fame. Tricksters can cause both revolutions or trouble. Often represented by a criminal, jester, or hermit-type person.'s a good thing I read up on Jung a couple years ago, otherwise all the 'stubs' of information on the internet about Jungian thought would have really bound me up! Tomorrow I'll tackle Plato =)


Secret Reminder

It's been a couple of weeks, and my newcommers may not realize that I hold a deeper secret than all of these - but it will only be revealed once I have 1 million readers.

So, Spread Thought, and let others know this blog will unleash the powers of the mind and the secrets of our world.

Current readership count: 11

The Collective Mind, Pt. 7a

Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious is less a community of mind and moreso an explaination of how every mind works, through archetypes - concepts commonly perceived the same way by many different people, whether they realize it or not. Don't mistake archetypes for stereotypes - they are not the same thing.

One of the Jungian archetypes is The Self. It is who we are and who we see ourselves to be. In most cases, The Self is represented as our ideal self image, or an exagerated mockery of ourselves. In other representations, where the person may suffer from schizophrenia, The Self is represented in a completely different form and only identifiable by a very personal feature, such as a mole or an item of jewelry always worn. Or, they may project themself upon another image, representative of their truest desires, fears, and needs.

The Shadow is the subconscious underlying truth to our personality. It could be a poor trait suppressed in childhood, or a neurosis we have tried to keep out of the public's view. Symbolicly, The Shadow is represented as a dark figure, often times a beggar, prostitute, or other such perceived lowly person, and is the same gender as the querent. The Shadow may work against or with the querent.

The Anima is the feminine side of a man's subconscious and conscious, and is constructed of one's ideal feminine qualities. Often times the Anima leads a man to believe he has fallen head over heels with a woman instantaneously because he projects those qualities upon her - in other words, her actions can be perceived as his Anima, and in his eyes he sees her as his ideal. Rarely does a successful relationship come of this kind of attraction because the Anima can be a Shadow, Hero, or any other archetyped Anima - causing the match to be imperfect due to incorrectly skewed ideals. Jung once said that 'confronting one's shadow is an apprentice-piece while confronting one's anima is the masterpiece' for a very good reason. After all, he is quite notorious for his affairs with patients. In symbolism the Anima translates to either a beautiful female or an homosexual male.

The Animus is the male side of a woman's subconscious and conscious, and is also constructed of one's ideal male qualities. I fell in love with my ex-husband because of my Animus, only to find I had fallen in love with his ideal and not his actual personality - which was fairly abusive, violent, and addictive. He was my Syzygy Animus - my imperfectly skewed ideal male, explained below.

Syzygy is the relationship between the conscious and unconscious, the perfect relationship represented by the contrasexual couple. In other words, the man acts as a woman, and the woman acts as a man - kind of a gender confusion neurosis there, but Jung contradicts himself quite a bit anyways. It is because of syzygy that the "Developmental School" of Jungian thought believes there is an Anima in females as well as an Animus in males. Symbolism translates syzygy as numerous forms, including a rough cloud and a soft cloud, the angel and the demon (you know, those little guys on a cartoon's shoulders telling him what to do), and Adam and Eve type representations.

That's a lot to digest in one sitting! Take a break and I'll tell you about more Jungian Archetypes tomorrow =)


The Collective Mind, Pt. 6

Carl Jung's studies have determined that our subconscious reveals itself through our least developed functions - as in the Four Functions, Thought, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition. These four functions encompass every way that we experience the world. When one of these functions is left untrained, it is up to the subconscious to control it. Meditation accesses the Thought function - and if you're having a hard time with getting anything out of it, then your Thought function may be in the wrong phase of development. You might want to try a different function.

Remember that exercise where you wrote on a pad of paper "I will remember my dreams" and left it at your bedside? Have you gotten anything significant from it? If you have, then you would probably have an easier time using the Intuition function through what I call 'awake sleep'. When you perform 'awake sleep' activities, you are doing something that does not require thought but does manifest a product of some sort. Here are a few examples:

Even if you can't draw, sit down and doodle - just start off with a circle or square and work from there - kind of a visual brainstorming.

If you are artistically inclined, take up your medium of choice and randomly create something abstract.

Sit down and write with a pen and paper. Start off with, "I have no idea what I need to write, but I know I need to write." Just write whatever words come to mind - don't worry about making sense.

Some of my best works have come from doodling on a sidewalk with chalk. Use mediums that throw you off or that you're unfamiliar with what the effect would be. If you've never used watercolors since you were 6 years old, it might be a good time to pick that up.

The common theme here is to create without knowing the purpose.

Another way to perform 'awake sleep' is to sit in a serene area and concentrate on one natural item. Evaluate it, realize everything about it, then when you're bored, move onto another item. Thoughts will come if you let them through and don't force them.

In a way, you're creating the memory phenomenon I call 'toilet facts'. You know when you're trying to remember someone's name, or the name of a band or producer or some strange fact, and no matter how hard you try you just can't remember it - but the next morning when you're on the toilet it comes to you out of the blue? When you're not thinking about it, for some reason it manifests itself.

Our brain links memories, thoughts, and other intelligent data as they happen, so sometimes things can become quite scattered and disconnected. When you 'place an order' for a specific bit of information, your brain automatically struggles to meet the demand, no matter how long it takes. So even well after you've given up, your brain is still trying to find that one synapse that holds the answer.

This is why that notepad at your bedside works. When you tell your brain that you really want something, it happens in all eventuality. So write in your notepad every night before you go to sleep that you want to remember your dreams, and eventually your 'order' will be filled. You are always connected to the Noosphere - all you have to do is ask for the information, and it will find you.

Tomorrow we begin our journey into explaining everything that you see from many different perspectives, starting with Carl Jung and working our way through Plato, the Tarot, and the Shamanic Plane. Finally, I will guide you to a different place on that meditative plane we've visited before, and let you roam free. That will be the end of The Collective Mind series - and I have something extra special for you after that - Humanitarianism vs. Evolution. Until tomorrow!


The Collective Mind, Pt. 5

Today you will explore the rest of that plane you visited yesterday.

When you're done reading this, go out and find that spot by the tree again. Sit comfortably, and roll your eyes up into the back of your head as you did before - except also work to relax every muscle in your body from toe to head as you did the first time. Now that your eyes have been relaxed once, you can allow your lids to close once the rest of your body is relaxed.

Envision yourself floating upward in a swirling tunnel of sky and clouds, and find yourself sitting against your tree self in the next plane. Stand up, nudge your tree self awake, and ask him where you should go - remember there's the grassy meadow, the forest, the river, and the mountain range yet to explore. He will tell you what is calling right now, and unfortunately you will need to walk there. If you go to the river, there's a little boat just a bit down stream. If you go to the mountain, there is hiking equipment to help you climb. Everything you need is always provided.

Feel free to explore more than just this one area, but in that particular place will be something important for you to find. You might find a totem animal, or a symbol, who knows? Just go, explore, and seek yourself. When you're finished, sit back down next to your tree self and envision the same swirling tunnel of clouds and sky, open your eyes, and regain your balance. Don't worry, you'll get used to the disorientation eventually.

Tomorrow we'll explore the many different ways to access this plane outside of meditation. After that we will evaluate what you see and why - see you then!


The Collective Mind, Pt. 4

Today you will walk into the world of the Noosphere and use visualization techniques to release yourself of your paradigms.

When you're finished reading this, go outside and seek that spot next to the tree again. Sit comfortably, and roll your eyes up into the back of your head, keeping your lids open. Keep it that way, it will burn and hurt to the point that you want to give up and just close your eyes - but don't. After about 10 minutes your eye lids will naturally close, almost without being noticed. When this happens, keep your eyes rolled up, and begin to see yourself floating upward, being sucked into a swirling tunnel of clouds and sky.

You travel up for quite some time, only to find yourself in the same spot you are at right now, except different. As you look around you realize that there is a cave instead of a building, and instead of the rest of your normal surroundings, there's a river, a grassy meadow, a forest, and a mountain range off in the distance. Stop for a moment and concentrate on your surroundings. Know and feel everything, just as you have been before. See everything in your peripheral vision. Simply 'know'. There are animals around, you can sense them, but they're not interested in you right now - they know you're trying to improve yourself.

On the grass in front of you, preventing you from standing or going anywhere else, are a cross, a pair of Nike shoes, a 1967 Shelby Cobra, a 6-bedroom mansion, a 25-story office building, and an elaborate cathedral. They're very ominous, and at the same time very attractive. From your perspective, take your forefinger and thumb and put them around one of the objects - you aren't touching it, simply putting your fingers up close to your eyes so it looks like you're grabbing it. Now, pick it up, put it against your tree, and pull some rope out from behind the tree and tie the object up. Do this with every object, tying them in different spots along the tree.

Once your work is done, stand away from the tree and admire your work. As you stare, the tree begins to form a face - and it looks like you! You are tied up to all of these objects! A magical force is trying to pull you into the tree, but you must resist it! Speak to your tree self and find out why you are so attached to these things - the buildings and car you tied up change into what you truly desire, and tempt you, calling you to join. Resist the pull! Convince your tree self to destroy all of these objects, being larger than your self - this is the only way to stop the pull and save your life!

After a long and arduous battle, your tree self thanks you and sinks back into the trunk. The cave behind you now draws your attention. Somehow you understand that your deepest thoughts are within that cave. Enter it, but don't stumble too deep, it's very dark! Close your eyes for a few minutes, then when you open them up again everything will glow in a soft blue light. All you can see is a very long tunnel gradually going downward - it's a long journey, so you'd better get started.

The tunnel is almost completely featureless, and completely void of any torches or light of any kind, excepting your special vision. You will travel down this tunnel for quite some time, then finally, you will turn a corner and reach the repository of all your thoughts. The special place where all your thought processes have begun. It will be a beautiful place to you, and you now have all the time in the world to explore it and find all of your attachments. Put them into a sack on your side - don't worry, it never runs out of room. These attachments will be very hard to identify, but you must seek out as many as you can.

When you've gathered enough, walk back up to the surface. Strangely you find that the trip back up is a lot shorter than the trip down. Once back on the surface, go back to your tree self and place the attachments on the ground in front of him. Gently nudge him awake and ask if he would destroy these for you too. If he objects, convince him. As the final object is destroyed, a great wave of wind blows across the lands and blows on you so hard you fear you will fly away - but you don't, in fact, you find it quite easy to stand just where you are. The wind caresses you in a very determined fashion - almost cleansing you, creating a clean slate. After a few moments, the wind picks you up, and takes you back to your tree in the real world through the same tunnel of clouds and sky.

Open your eyes, regain your balance, and prepare yourself for tomorrow. That's when we'll explore some of the rest of that plane you visited. See you then!


The Collective Mind, Pt. 3

This is going to be shorter than usual, but learning how to 'see' is exceedingly key.

Remember what you've learned on how to sense everything about every thing? In order to truly see, you must add all of that to the exercise below.

Once you've finished reading this post, go back outside to that spot near the tree, and sit comfortably. Stare straight ahead and look to your furthest peripherals - out of the corner of your eye, as far over as you can see, without moving your head. Concentrate on seeing every detail, register these details in your mind, and shift to another direction.

Keep doing this, concentrating on your peripheral surroundings, then shifting once you've seen everything. Once you can do this quickly, try standing up and walking while doing this. See more than just what is right in front of you. Once you can do this accurately, add in all the other senses, and know everything about every aspect of all your surroundings.

When you can do this, you are ready to continue. Tomorrow I will begin telling you about visual concepts and 'memes' in visualization. Conitnue practicing, within the week you'll be using the new Vision you have gained.


The Collective Mind, Pt. 2

Learning how to visualize is significantly more difficult that it appears. You must first know what to know about the world - yes, that is correct.

Once you have finished reading this post, go outside and find a spot to sit near a tree. It doesn't have to be quiet, just comfortable. Close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few minutes, and relax your body from toe to head - concentrate on every muscle for at least 30 seconds before moving further up. Relax every single muscle - even your eyes, forehead, and neck.

Sit it in this position for a few moments. Enjoy the pure bliss of being absolute mush - no worries, no thoughts, nothing to do - except be mushy. After a few minutes, begin to listen. Concentrate on one constant sound at first. Realize the pattern, the pitch, what may be causing it, and also relate a color to it, a feeling, a temperature, and an emotion. Once all of these are in place, concentrate on another constant sound in the same fashion, until all constant sounds have been exhausted - including silence. Then begin to listen to everything all at once, including the new sounds, and feel, know, see, each of them, just as you did for the first sound. Concentrate on knowing every sound around you. Concentrate on feeling everything sonic.

Finally, envision a gradual light pulling you out, and open your eyes. You'll feel disoriented unless you have done this before, so don't stand up right away. Instead, with your eyes open, listen, know, feel, and see every sound around you, just as you did with your eyes closed. Don't look around. Focus on a brick in a wall or whatever and concentrate on all of the sounds.

If you can't do this with your eyes open, then stand up, go about your day, and come back to this in a few hours and do it again until you can concentrate on all of it at once. Only when you are capable of listening and knowing everything sonic with your eyes open and your body un-relaxed should you progress to the other senses. Once you are ready, perform the same as above for sight, touch, taste, and smell. Sight is special, so I will go into that tomorrow, but for the rest just do as you did before with sound - concentrate on one particular aspect and realize all the aspects of it, along with color, temperature, texture, and emotion. When performing taste you can also perform touch, but when you perform touch you must be able to completely visualize the object in addition to all the other aspects.

By performing these exercises, you are opening your mind. You are letting your brain reach conjectures about things that are not perceived in the real world, or at least, not actively perceived. The final step to this is tonight when you go to bed. Grab a notebook and a pen, and sit on your bed just before you turn out the lights. Write "I will remember my dreams" as many times and as creatively as you wish on the first page of that notebook - repeat that phrase in your head over and over again as you're doing it. Finally, place the notebook and pen somewhere nearby and go to sleep. You may not remember your dream the very first night, but within 10 days you will begin to have at least 50% recollection. Write your dreams down every morning when you wake up, and hold on to the visuals from these dreams. You'll need them later.

Until tomorrow, where I teach you that Vision is just a different form of Sight.


The Form(ul)ation of Collective Mind

Access to the collective mind both forms and is a formula. Don't worry, you'll understand in a minute.

The collective mind leads you to what you need to learn spiritually through low-conscious activities - like dreaming, create-ing, meditating, or performing repetative work. Your mind naturally receives these messages, and can begin to grow a library of ideas, questions, philosophies and theories.

If a mind is willing and completely open, the questions can flow easily, which provokes the search of an answer. Today's society is accustomed to traditional searches for answers - books and the Internet. However, 2,300 some-odd years ago they didn't have books aplenty as we do, let alone the Internet - yet Plato was realizing things like 'Nature vs. Nurture' and wrote in a dialogue format (hello! I'm writing a BLOG! The return of redundancy). In either case, when 'traditional' resources for answers have been exhausted, alternate resources are sought. Once this point has been reached, a paradigm shift occurs.

Mind you, this is in both sensate and ideational. In other words, if a person is sensate and experiences something like rape, attempted suicide, or excessive poverty, that person may reach out to alternative reasons for living. If a person is ideational and finds himself hopeless, faithless, or in most destitute cases mindless, that person may also seek alternative reasons for life. If they do not, they often become the bum you've seen in front of 711 for as long as you can remember.

This is how the collective mind would form naturally. However, there is a formula to assist in this process - or more appropriately, many formulas. Each formula depends on how willing and open your mind is currently - and how much of yourself you are willing to open for change.

Some formulas call for sensate starvation - fasting, poverty, and solitude to name a few. Other formulas require ideational overload, such as meditation and immersion. In today's society, perhaps the most widely accepted and utilized formula would be meditation. However, not every person can benefit from meditation because they are blocking the process.

Not to be redundant, but you need to leave your paradigms outside chained up to a tree. If you can't, which is very likely (most don't realize they are unable!), I'll teach you how in tomorrow's post.


Novelty and the Noosphere, Psychic Evolution Pt 4

Terence McKenna also sees the world propelling to an Omega Point, much in the same way as Teilhard de Chardin. Except his prediction is for December 21, 2012.

Yeah, pretty freaky.

He theorized, and proved mathematically, what he calls the Novelty Theory where everything conceivable by man will be manifested in a very short period of time. Time travel, artificial intelligence - even an UFO visit. Very strange, yes - but he has based this occurance on this same theory that all minds will be connected.

Just like Teilhard's Noosphere.

Just like Jung's Collective Unconscious.

However, this 'collective mind' as I will call it from here onward, is already being used right now. This is not an invention of the future, this is a current thing that many many people around the world experience and use every day. Just ask a Tulku about their previous or future lives - they will tell you when they are born, where, and to whom - along with revelations and new realizations they will bring to this world.

In fact, all the way back to bicamereal man - cave man - the 'collective mind' was being utilized.

Three thousand years ago, the 'Gods' spoke to man, essentially giving him instinct. To them it was almost as though there was a true conversation going on in his mind, with one side speaking, and the other listening. This was about the same time as the Pyramids, Collossus, Easter Island, and Stone Henge. Technology back then is comparable to the technology of now, regarding astrology and time. How could they have known 12 to be the celestial number? How could they have devised stone structures that would capture certain stars during certain phases?

Either bicamereal man was very bored, or he had help.

Man kind today is the only mammal that does not have natural instinct, in general. Masters in esoteric arts, such as Karate, Shamanism, Wicca, and Buddhism, among numerous others, have special instinct skill sets that tell them about the world around them - and warn of danger, should it arrive. It all takes years of training, but the overlaying key to all of them is connecting to nature, and most do so by meditating.

Everything in this world is self-similar and historically beginning, if you look at it long enough. In order to advance our minds, we must do as bicamereal man did and connect with nature - by doing so, we will have reached the collective mind. Once everyone understands how to use our instincts - the collective mind - then society will be able to progress to the next, idealistic, phase.

Next time I'll start a new series. What would you like to know - more background information, such as complex systems theories, catastrophe theories, and so on, or do you want to dive right in and learn about the worlds within our world? This blog is your blog - make it what you want. I am simply the channel =)


Singularity, Psychic Evolution Pt. 3

Singularity is the point in time, predicted by numerous futurists, when everything develops so rapidly that it cannot be conceived just exactly what will happen, insofar as inventions or intelligence. Most futurists believe this to be sometime around 2030.

In order for singularity to occur, there obviously must be one large mass of perfectly interconnected people - or things. Some believe singularity will occur due to artificial intelligence, Teilhard de Chardin is an example of a futurist that disagrees.

The terrorist attacks of September 11 were a very Teilhardian moment. They were the shock that is helping planet wake-up. Not unlike Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Teilhard saw 'evil' as simply the growing pains of a disorienting psychic disorder, ultimately moving towards a higher state of spiritual unity. World wars, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation were merely bumps on the road. The internet, the global media and the push to the Noosphere were the real game being played.

The noosphere was like a bag of psychic skin being created by the new McLuhan information and media technologies and envelopinging the entire planet. This noosphere is different from the physical atmosphere we are mostly used to. But like the physical atmosphere, the noosphere is also prone to pollution.

Teilhard saw the shocks on the way to the world's psychic membrane as part of an evolutionary movement towards an Omega point of planetary inter-connectivity. These higher levels of planetary interconnection were the key to the future evolution of the human race.

This subtler and more powerful psychic inter-connectivity would lead to a bigger and deeper union of humans. Thus the global shocks were the growing pains towards this psychic fusion filled with tremendous untapped power. This power was brought about by more people bumping into one another and proliferating their contacts and connections thus releasing ever more this feeling of common force as well as common anxiety.

The Internet is only the beginning. By 2030, everyone will realize how to access the noosphere, or be swallowed in a Matrix like world where machines rule.


86 Gets 86'd at 82

Remember that old 1960's show, "Get Smart" that used to mock James Bond in a kind of Mr. Bean way? I'm going to miss him, but the guy who played Maxwell Smart (Agent 86), Don Smart, died today.

He's on my special list of interesting people and funny comediens of the time, along with Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis.

...and one begins to wonder how I've come to appreciate these men so much, I was born 20 years after these actors became famous...

Where were you 7 years ago?

Let's test your medical knowledge, based on the previous article (remember, the memory tests?!?) . Here's your question:

If you shoot yourself, in the temple of your head, will it kill you if you use blanks?

Answer right now before reading on.

Seriously. Decide already.

Okay. Read this and you'll find the answer =)

Today in Twisted History, September 26, 1998: Florida preacher Melvyn Nurse illustrates Seven Deadly Sins for his congregation by playing Russian Roulette with a .357 Magnum loaded with blanks. Unfortunately, Nurse (like late actor Jon-Erik Hexum) doesn't realize that blanks shot to the temple can kill him... And it does.