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I'm quite frankly starting to get very very aggravated at my host. Hopefully by tomorrow all of this will be resolved. Until then, another holiday.

Sorry, but I can't post the images, so there's no point in publishing the post. Plus I hate blogger, it's limited and annoying, and I just want to get away from it as soon as possible.

FYI, when this server is up, I'm going to start offering a "Hands On Activism" award. That's the main reason why I have to wait until the server is up again. Until then...


Server Issues

Due to server issues that should be resolved before the end of the day, I am taking the day off to work on them. Sorry... but think of it this way - tomorrow's entry will only be even better! In the meantime, I have a music rant for you. Enjoy!

The Great Music Hunt

In my seemingly neverending hunts for decent music, I crash landed in shit land. Often times I check out the samples at 'shitland entrance', then if they're interesting enough, I visit the website 'alternate shitland entrance'. Karn8 is so wrong on so many levels. They do have a bit of symphonic talent, but they repeat just shy of teeth-gratingly terrible, putting them in the "Pop" category. Pop is pretty far 'down there' in my black list of genres, but they managed to keep me interested with their symphonics, photogenics, and ultra Goth facade.

...but that's just where they violated even more of my unspoken music laws.

What about them isn't obviously Goth? They've got the spiritual reference in the band name - incarnate, better still the logo is made in runic, the dark and broody makeup with black clothing and plenty of crosses, they claim to be "Everything That You Despise" - a typical Goth label, and quirky band member names - Bones, Kirst, Mart, Leigh, and oh get this, Kinghorn. The music alone screamed conformism and 'Oh My Goth' suburbia, and a short visit to their site confirmed it.

They are anti-conformism conformists. They have fallen into a label and never bothered to advance it. How can I put this simpler? They're still doing the same thing Goths were doing when it became a 'fashion trend'. The whole reasoning behind anti-conformism is to not conform, nobody does the same thing, and that includes all those who aren't conforming.

Or would that make everyone conforming again?

Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed.

Isn't there any decent music? I've listened to Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Flesh Eating Foundation, Andriod Lust, Factory of Angst, and many other crappy artists who I just don't feel like hunting down. So far I've found three pretty decent ones, Autumn's Grey Solace, Voltaire, and The Sins of Cain. Granted most are nowhere near as good as Twelve Girls Band, Rasputina, or Enigma in that realm of music, but they're still pretty decent listens.

I'd love to add to my 367 hours of music - if you've got links, I've got some pretty eager ears.


Here are the Mind Fuckers

by 51 Phonehome, all rights reserved

---so here is the secret code to be avoided at all costs during the state of the union address:

Melchizedek butt-fucks Joseph MacArthy who protects ruthless terrorists, he reads Mein Kampf as he spreads AIDS across the entire middle ages with the help of holy Amschel Mayer, the indifferent leader of Union oil, the Morgan Stanley of mass destruction, a friend of the mass media and other kinds of mafias, a warlord like Douglas MacArthur, a modern version of mad Marduk, a magician telling George Marshall about Pearl Harbor and Machiavelli's big weapons of potential wealth, a hardliner like Mr. John McCloy who kissed the asses of the secret assassins of Dallas, a supreme liar like Robert McNamara who pushed political defeat in the endless Asian Mexican wars, a money supply freak who attacked Karl Marx, the rogue and bully who predicted the massacre at My Lai as the burgers were ordered with hormones and this deficeit spending at the local MacDonald's, a gift bought by the mysterious Rothchilds with intense consultations at the United Nations security council, the true mystery school of the majestic-12, so please tell Teihard that I've arrived on the planet, tell Brother Allen, that I'm with him on the planet Mars, that he and I are perfect as we explore these Egyptian pyramids, and discover the holy secrets of the Sphinx paws, there is a confusion that persists like a public straight-jacket, that persistently howls on the road , this billion dollar message delivered by the New York Times, a message of future mischief ehoed by Newsweek that Ronald Reagan was secretly shot by Rockefeller with Alzheimer's bullets, that the budget for the Russian revolution didn't have enough votes in congress, that the Rosicrucians had a fisical crisis that inspired Alfred Rosenberg, who aked for a referendum that allowed Walt Rostow who was a friend of Dean Rusk who was a friend of George Bush to bomb Kosovo in secret defiance of the latest drug treatments inspired by the Trilateralists who sent a puppet like Colin Powell to pressure Iraq to increase any jihad that could be convenient for the persecution of traditional industrial interests, so tell dear Teilhard that I'm on the planet, brave old prophet, tell also Arthur C. Clarke that my shining white cloak will blind you, then rip you to pieces in this political recycling environment found in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan, a black magic given with extreme voter legitimacy like the time the Lusitania was sunk with Lucifer cackling for victory on the Somme, then an analysis of Hiroshima that showed this great progress in just thirty years, a celebration by the Jehovahs that said Korea led to the Gulf of Tonkin, so dear Allen I'm with you inside the Federal Reserve, I'm interrogating Alexander Hamilton, the bitch, who claimed he was a Christian, but was actually a closet Jew, a Muslim that got shot in that face with a thunderbolt sent from Shiva's traditional political indifference machine, a Buddhist form of retribution brought to you wrathfully by the god of death Yamantaka, who applauded Barry Goldwater's holy atomic orgasm, Clinton's crusades of the Lincoln bedroom, LBJ's space shuttle, from where I can now see the earth like a jewel, where Nixon and JFK debated the fate of the galaxies, written in psychic ink by Dostoyevsky, as he lamented the energy policy of the Council of Foreign Relations where shares for Auschwitz were traded on the New York Stock Exchange, so Tell Moloch that I am here, that Green Tara is the friend of the holy universe, tell dear old Teilhard that I'm here.


The Faces of Disaster

I cry for you, Rosa, you succeeded and you failed, but not all is on your shoulders. A hero in a heroin society, addicted to the sick sadistic rape of a little Queen,

tell me, do the screams still haunt you, does she smile in your dreams?

Nobody can watch your homecoming win, New Rochelle, sorry, your fans are too violent.

Too many ways The Establishment has failed us, police cannot protect their own, let alone the abused mother butchered and left in a ditch, or a helpless infant, or a family thrown to the bay,

I cry for you society.

In centralized rule all that's important is me, myself, and I, we can never work together, segmenting to smaller of bigger groups, yelling out specialized cause without a follow through,

down to the core,

everyone hates everyone, for one reason or another,

you're black, you're gay, you're stupid, you're smart, you're a woman, you're a man, you're young, you're old, you're Christian, you're Pagan,

your flouridation, your cancer, your Christmas, your laughter,

not in my back yard, I'm just too good for that.


New Stuff in the Works

I've changed my mind on updating both - pretty soon I'm going to set this to redirect to the new site. Probably right around the same time I finish the new design - yeah I decided to bite the bullet and make an entirely new design from scratch. It's a pain in the rear, but it's coming along smoothly so far.

Please leave your comments on the other site from here on out - thanks =)

Children die in such ways

I find that I can't get Jeffrey out of my mind. I can see him at 11- 12 years old jumping in the car, when I'd pick him up at a friends. It's so's almost like you can reach out and touch him. What a world of hell this administration has put us in. One we will live in all the rest of our days...

Everybody dies, he could have gone another way, but he had to leave his parents behind. Voting put to 18 so they could have a say before they died, but we're still trapped and corralled, cordoned off to the private sector, waiting to be picked up by the butcher Uncle Sam. We're not so different in times of difference, we both still put our own heads to the chopping block.

Lost my father much too soon, but not to ideals, he died for his vices, the apple didn't fall far,

as I light another,

you know he went to jail saying things I said before, didn't like the big guy either,

we're all the fruit of our tree, the weak seed of American tree. Pine-ing for that shiny new thing, blind to the bright

to superscede you, a genius at your feet, begging for more than bottom feed from the colorful box,

they want you, mommy, they want you to show them the way to two jobs and poverty, gotta have that prettier sparkley, put it on the credit card and watch the money go before it comes,

hey you know this is stupid, how come you can't just show them how to build,

their mind a precious thing.


The All New Location

Guess what?

The New Location Is Done!

There's still a little tweaking to be done, but that won't take long. Just a couple of days. I'll catch up with all you readers to let you know the new URL, just in case you miss this post =)

To all those who link to me, please change the pointing addy to:



Have to get ahead of tomorrow, into the future where sane people live, tell them I don't want to go, tell them I'm happy with your

panties in a bunch for a cheerleading whore, Oh governor, you're so 'cool', so cool in the face of disaster, when the planes hit - what were you after?

I'm so tired of this bullshit circus, he did this, she said that, fuck it all for its bucket 'o crap, you know they've got cures for that

trigger happy delusion of grandeur, shit didn't I say I was getting off this train? Jumping right away, escaping to something better, hey you know there's androids out there? They'll babysit your kid and show 'em math, maybe the Jihads on Darwin could use 'em to strap up their stupid

for paradise, oh daddy, tell me how many women I will have again, God save me from your followers, they're a numbskulled bunch, can't see beyond the Great Beyond,

there's a lot more going on In Here, you know thought is possible, angry fucking explodable head sailing jihads,

we can be real people about this and see what's what before exploding another hairy foot to heavan,

Oh it's so beautiful, greener pastures and all, you know it's hard having a reason to live, your God must have oops forgot the suicide thing, somehow Sun Tzu did okay though

might be just cause they plain hate all Black Ships, simple policy - fuck all of you, maybe that's what Bush is goin' after.