When White Storks Fly

The government is lying to us again, through our media of course.

If you watched TV for your news today, you wouldn't realize that there was a global rally against the war.

What? The government is lying to the public? I'll beleive that when pigs fly!

How about white storks? Sorry, best I could do =P

The Power of Declining Demand

In all honesty, we don't need gas.

In Georgia the government and the people are working together to bring down gas consumption, which will help to keep prices low. Schools are closing, people are car-pooling, and businesses are taking a three-day weekend.

If only everyone would realize this...

A preview of what's to come

About 40 minutes ago I made a wish that we could do away with hurricanes, and now science says it might be possible. It was posted about 17 minutes ago, so I can't blame you if you haven't seen that article yet =)

Head Count

If you don't comment, I won't know you're here. I need to know how many of you there are so I can keep a count and release this secret when you've multiplied to one million =)

So, comment, if even only once, and leave a name. Thanks!

Hurricane Disasters - a Pre-Post

Hurricanes of late, although quite devastating, I will admit haven't been on top of my list. Something about mental destruction that I can't assist which just turns me off to the whole subject. I'm not there. I can't heal. I shouldn't even bother myself with it. But, there are a few that are intelligent enough to realize financial help is on its way, but the minds have not been tended to. These victims are starving in so many more ways than is realized.

They have no home.

They have no job to go to.

They have lost everything recognizable. In most cases, even family members and close friends.

I remember way back in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew struck. I wasn't in the direct path, and quite luckily our home was spared, but I could feel the heartache of every last person that lost everything. I wish we could simply do away with hurricanes and natural disasters - but they are a part of our lives, and they take apart our lives.

Or do they?

Bicamereal man - yes this is ancient history - didn't care about losing everything. They knew that it would simply take a few hours to rebuild their straw huts, put a fire together, and go out hunting again. 'Things' did not matter to them. It is with this simplicity that we can overcome such disasters.

Life as it was is not to be placed upon a pedastal. 'Things' do not matter. I have lived in poverty my entire life, debt enshrouds me, but when I wake up every morning, I have a smile on my face. I have food. I have water. I have life. This is all that matters.

New Orleans is Lost! - oh big deal.

Sure it was a major landmark in American history. Sure it housed hundreds of thousands of people. But it was also a crime capitol, next to Las Vegas. It is also a 'thing', an ideal, an attachment. Does America really need New Orleans just as it was? Rebuilding is not the answer. We need to demolish it altogether and start over from scratch. Call it Orleans. Re-inhabit Orleans just as we would any other city, gradually, over time, and intelligently.

This is not an end. This is a beginning. Hurricane Katrina did away with a major problem, and it is time we capitalize on it.


I Have A Secret

I have a secret,
and business should be the wiser and listen up.

This secret will be released when I have one million readers, and believe me, it will change the world as we know it.

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Yes. That much. This is an enterprise on a global scale. This will change everything.

Readers, get to referring. Your life is about to turn up-side down. In the meantime, I'll keep you updated on everything you'll need to know to handle this secret. From the esoteric to futurism to technology developments - you'll find everything interesting right here.

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