Letters from an Alien

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The Old Mind Fuck

I see humans fucking the planet, preparing for war, these fools fucking their way, on multiple fronts, spraying nerve gas inside the deleted folders of Yahoo customers who couldn't pay the rent on time, smashed and beaten customers heading towards a speedy death on CNN, the arena of the oil kings, fucking butt live on NBC where the lords of military industry pick-up the defecit forecasts left-over by the CEOs of Chase Manhatten bank who tax the nation for the costs of SDI, while Osama bin-Laden waits for his tax-cut of oil and silicon, a savings account of monsterous trillions filling the TV screens with images of hopeless galaxies that poke the gross domestic product with these psychic fingers of infected conspiracies, the mind-fuck that falls off the world trade center, these big breasts dying in the private sector of Oklahoma, the place where Columbine kids go for their appeals, in the federal district court near the pyramids that steam-whistle in the deep mists of North Korea, a power that slinks to Bagdhad quietly in a symbolic gutter, drinking Jack Daniels in Teheran's slums,

a battle in the desert capital of Persepolis where Moloch's mouth dumped a dead body and Ramakrishna breathed solitary fire in Iraq as he danced with Padmasambhava in the dispute of the final phase, on top of the retreating skyscrapers here on the American earth, friends from a past-life in Atlantis forgotten frozen deep in silent ice stones, O Ramakrishna, where is this Vivekenanda, where are those inevitable technologies that will make life on earth a Marxist paradise, tell the state department, before the next alien war, july the fourth, tell friends of Teilhard that I'm on the planet, tell the U.S. troops that nifty quantum vacuums will liberate the planet, tell Iraq it's cheap and clean, tell the white house that zero gravity will soon arrive with its blissful fangs and beady eyes, a public front of giant propulsions, tell Dan Rather that his anthrax breath will cease strip-mining our collective psyche, that the government will stop selling us this shit in cheap wine glasses, that the hungry assholes in Jerusalem will stop their private police force which seeks imaginary enemies under every naked rug, which makes these unnecessary wars and shoots slaves to the moon, to Jupiter where the gladiators swill their vengeful beer in the fog and toke their rural dream weed in the marshes of basra, where Abraham spied for the aliens near horrifying Mount Sinai, tell Teilhard that I'm on the planet with brother Allen who sits in the interrogator's chair refusing to believe this shit, this wicked merger of an artificial unity.


Through Mine Eyes

Such is the focus in life, always someone else and not myself, they play with your head opening the door and putting in their ideas, never to be your own. The individual is lost, ever following that chance for an Angel, the grass so green on the other side, walk the way everyone else has. Why have so many of us if it always comes down to one Bush who pulls the trigger? I didn't ask for this, the blood of many splayed across derelict clay of off-home abodes, monuments torn to shatters from Christmas to the politically correct. Diversity has taught us a cruel lesson of bloodied tolerance, but it always ends up caught in one word, one person. Whatever happened to each his own, replaced by questioned torture and shoddy filmography, innocents bound and missing.

Hey but I've come to save you of your heathenous ways, to show you the glory of strapping on a bomb to show the world the size of the heart.

I have spent your free thought, tacked it up to a cross and left it to die.

So caught up in taxing the poor and leaving the rich to donate the rest to my cause, my purpose, my SUVs and my gunning lobbies. I'll be better, the lesser of two evils, the voice of the people lining my purse. No less a representation of America as it is Americans. I'll say it if you pay me, I'll flip burgers and clean toilets until I get tired of the money, maybe then I'll carry dishes for tips or run for President.

Nation of the free to be in poverty, sans morality and family, can do whatever is possible, so long as you've got background palpables. Nation run on paper to ignore the pauper, without property you have no voice, without a lobby full of people you're a pin drop in a Hey stack.

Go ahead and eat it, indulge in your fat reflection that everyone but you sees, taking up two parking spots reserved to those through which the biggest asses can speak, by these people, for these people. Yes, you are the great capitalist nation, talking your big words for the little people full on nothing but hot air and promise, giving the solution but never to the problem.

And then the nation stops in awe to watch the fattest of them all get fatter with pregnancy, marry, divorce, and loose the weight in the fab new diet created during 30-hour marriage. From silver screen and silver spoon they can't see the lessons they teach, hypnotizing humanity in miscreant lies of beautiful filth. Such is the nourishing food for society, media made nannies to a bottle fed hypocrisy, wiping our ass so we don't see our shit.


Urban(ned) Mindscape

What is it with men and bags? How fair is that question, when I perhaps have six myself, worse still they progress from 'small sack' to conceable in my hand...

and 9 pairs of black high heel boots...

perhaps man can be left to their one accessory, even if for some it's a tail between their legs. Now why am I being so mean to men today? Is it perhaps because men design our lingerie both to ass-rape us from afar and put bare breasts in mag ads?

...thought on what has made a woman beautiful through time, and how that bit has changed to sexy, sumptuous, polite tiny bites and eloquant po(i)se, eating a sausage in a low collar'd shirt, everything is beautiful that a woman does, should man ever .com to see them. Madonna's got disco and, surprise, a hot new single just like all the rest.

...I'm hung up on you...

...I'm hung up on you...

...I'm hung up on you...

...Something's coming over, mmmmm...

...Something's coming over, mmmmm...

...Something's coming over, mmmmm...

So annoying I've hung up on you and coming over with something. Someone invented pop and the albinos were suddenly colorful, quicker than a ray of light.


Naturally Supernatural

If our eyes, ears, noses, tongues, and fingers already miss certain things that we know about, then it would be perfectly logical that our senses miss things we don't know about - or at least, question the existance of.

I've stated once before that I'm not a Christian, so keep this in mind.

What if we just can't see Spirits?

...or vampires?

...or demons?

...or angels?

...or pegasi?

What if we can't see God?

What if they all live among us, and not in some distant mental plane, but right here. Right in front of you - sitting betwixt the screen and your eyes.

How's that for coffee?

Better still - what if we've simply forgotten how to see them? This would explain a LOT of myth, and in a way, lends to evolution. We simply evolved out of seeing these things - much like a kid grows out of telling silly stories about monsters in their closet. We have gradually closed our minds. Over time, humans have come to use less and less of their brains. The debate remains as to whether this is due to less brain use or brain growth, but what if we have so many more senses then what we use?

What if we have a radio in our head, that can talk to anybody anywhere - Earth and beyond?

What if, on this radio, we're sending out waves of energy insulting these other beings?

A bit far fetched? Maybe not.

Can YOU explain crop circles?


The Fear Plague

If I asked you to put your arm into a shark's mouth, would you do it?

What if I told you this shark had already eaten a very hearty meal, and his mouth was opened by someone else - would you do it then?

Those who understand sharks would immediately say yes, without hesitation.

But what about the rest of us? Most cringe at the sight or thought of sharks, wish their demise, some even go so far as to torture, poke, and berate a shark when they encounter one. Without an understanding of specifically what causes a shark to attack, which species are more prone, and how to effectively defend oneself, the general public is left with only crippleing fear. Since the movie Jaws and its surrounding publicity, a larger majority have at least qualmed some of their fears, but there remains a surprising percentage of completely uneducated people.

Same can be said for every cause of fear known to man. Fire, death, heights, bugs, crowds, AIDS, guns, homosexuality, ridicule, other races, witches, and spirits all number amongst the thousands of fears that have gone through the test of time and been conquered, in at least some form, by more than just a few. Every day more people are being educated on these subjects and being released of their misgivings, but in most cases the fear is so deepset that it takes a very long time for the entire society to adapt. Worse yet, some people even fear change.

Eventually every fear is relinquished, but not without a period of extreme hate. Witches have been burned, former slaves were Seperate but Equal, Jews were killed in droves, homosexuals battle to marry or join the military or gender-specific groups, AIDS made facemasks a fashion, and we have made ourselves hypocrits over the Third Amendment. We scorn our criminals and free-thinkers alike, torturing, poking, and berating without any form of second thought.

What is not understood is feared.

Natural human response is to fight, or take flight.

Recently I have encountered a few with extreme misgivings, causing a bit of a squabble in my comments. Merely more evidence of the fear plague. It has come into question why I haven't blocked them from slandering me. They are simply responding to their human nature and fighting - I do not fear that. What's more, they are openly displaying their ignorance. This is actually a good thing. When a customer complains it means you have a chance to fix it. Only the truly ignorant would 'change the channel' and go somewhere else.

...or should that perhaps be the other way around?


Thought is Pointless

In the comments to Reality is not Real, Psuedolus gave the notion that thought is pointless. No, that's too strong. Specifically, just so that I don't take this 'out' of context, he stated:

And before you go off on my not understanding your subjects, I have immersed myself in all manner of occult topics for many decades and decided that such loose thinking was not productive nor any true reflection of reality.

Let us analyze some history, hmm?

Plato started the debate on Nature vs. Nurture. In much later years, this prompted scientists to question it deeper. In 1995, the Human Genome Project was completed. Since then, we've made miraculous leaps and bounds in medicine. Granted, most of these leaps aren't particularly astounding, leaving our abilities to simply holding a person on a long torturous teather. However, a large majority of patients are benifiting from another treatment, also very tightly based on 'loose' thinking.

In fact, the very same loose thinking I'm speaking of in this blog.

The power of the mind, and our power to trick it.

Laughter is still the most powerful cure known to medicine. Some patients even react positively to placebo.

Loose thinking has proven itself many times to not only be fruitful, but also a large trend in a society's way of life outside of the esoteric, such as Benjamin Franklin's lightning experiment, and Plato's republic government concept. Astrology, airplanes, Dynasties, the Pope, the Tarot, and recorded history would not exist. Why record history if there's nothing we can learn from it? Many societies have found no reason to document their daily lives, or even write at all.

Apparently, I should stop right there as writing is pointless.


The Heavans and Our Dreams

Wednesday night I had a particularly strange dream, as noted in my personal journal, and I would like to go back to this. Please read it, I'll reference it throughout this entry.

Perhaps the most important part is the weather. Summer is the time of warmth, and relates to the sun. Let's look at a few ancient symbolic depictions of the sun, from Giordano Bruno, De Imaginum Compositione and Ars Memoriae, respectively, via Esoteric Archives.

Note the common use of the Lion, representative of the zodiac sign Leo, and the head within the rays of the sun, representative of the ego. The ego part is most important, but there is a common link within the dream for Lions. The Amazons resided in African jungles - and but who is the king of the jungle? The lion.

Basically, this leads me to believe that when it is not raining, the events most closely relate to what I am doing now, my current mental state, my ego. So, I'm running a rat race with everyone else. I am simply following. Also, with relations to the Amazons, I am headed towards my kingdom of sorts - my realm, what I am supposed to be doing, and how I will break free of this rat race.

Most everything else within the dream are representative of what is important to me and relevant to the solution - my family, philosophers, Chakras, technology, and relaxation. There is a prophetic element in the virtual reality battle, warning of difficulty in the technology arena, and of mockery. Another prophetic symbol is the glass dome over the medieval dining hall - kind of a blanketing of future over the past. The fact of it made of glass represents that one must be careful in building this future.

Finally we reach the most perplexing element of the dream - the magical metal-feather shoulder plates. Feathers relate to birds and flight, metal being stregnth, but the fact of them being shoulder plates is perhaps the most important. I am a Gemini, an air symbol, and my ruling planet is Mercury. Once again we look at Ars Memoriae except this time at the planet Mercury. Note in particular the use of wings, mainly due to ancient myth and Hermes, the messenger god. Do I have a message on my shoulders? There's a Yiddish proverb, "God gave burdens, also shoulders." The 'message' was in pieces, and I am to put it together before it can be placed on my shoulders and hold its magical properties. The peices fit together much like a puzzle. It is a strong message (metal) that will help me do battle (invincibility). Also think on the way it was presented to me - by two Amazons - Twins, another symbol of Mercury and Gemini.

That was rather fun =) If you're stuck on interpreting one of your dreams, I'm willing to help. Simply post a comment and I'll cover the symbolism in the next post. Not sure what I'll write about tomorrow, but I'll certainly see you then!