Commenting Policy

Granted, yes, I write this blog. I am an individual, and I am biased by my own desires. However, this absolutely does not give anyone the right to completely disregard netiquette and attack the individual. I'm not selling myself here, I'm not saying, "Hey, Hire Me" or anything of the like. I'm an information hunter-gatherer, and anything that is not strictly adding to the topic of discussion will be deleted without hesitation from this point on. Also, if you do not at least state a screen name in your anonymous postings, your comment will be deleted.

If you would like to speak with me regarding something personal, use mayobrains at gmail dot com to email me. Please note, spammers will be incessantly hunted down.

Question the topic not the writer. You know who you are and you know your actions have been far from mature. Grow up, grow some balls, and be accountable for your actions. Read up on comment etiquette, then we'll talk.

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