The Collective Mind, Pt. 3

This is going to be shorter than usual, but learning how to 'see' is exceedingly key.

Remember what you've learned on how to sense everything about every thing? In order to truly see, you must add all of that to the exercise below.

Once you've finished reading this post, go back outside to that spot near the tree, and sit comfortably. Stare straight ahead and look to your furthest peripherals - out of the corner of your eye, as far over as you can see, without moving your head. Concentrate on seeing every detail, register these details in your mind, and shift to another direction.

Keep doing this, concentrating on your peripheral surroundings, then shifting once you've seen everything. Once you can do this quickly, try standing up and walking while doing this. See more than just what is right in front of you. Once you can do this accurately, add in all the other senses, and know everything about every aspect of all your surroundings.

When you can do this, you are ready to continue. Tomorrow I will begin telling you about visual concepts and 'memes' in visualization. Conitnue practicing, within the week you'll be using the new Vision you have gained.


The Collective Mind, Pt. 2

Learning how to visualize is significantly more difficult that it appears. You must first know what to know about the world - yes, that is correct.

Once you have finished reading this post, go outside and find a spot to sit near a tree. It doesn't have to be quiet, just comfortable. Close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few minutes, and relax your body from toe to head - concentrate on every muscle for at least 30 seconds before moving further up. Relax every single muscle - even your eyes, forehead, and neck.

Sit it in this position for a few moments. Enjoy the pure bliss of being absolute mush - no worries, no thoughts, nothing to do - except be mushy. After a few minutes, begin to listen. Concentrate on one constant sound at first. Realize the pattern, the pitch, what may be causing it, and also relate a color to it, a feeling, a temperature, and an emotion. Once all of these are in place, concentrate on another constant sound in the same fashion, until all constant sounds have been exhausted - including silence. Then begin to listen to everything all at once, including the new sounds, and feel, know, see, each of them, just as you did for the first sound. Concentrate on knowing every sound around you. Concentrate on feeling everything sonic.

Finally, envision a gradual light pulling you out, and open your eyes. You'll feel disoriented unless you have done this before, so don't stand up right away. Instead, with your eyes open, listen, know, feel, and see every sound around you, just as you did with your eyes closed. Don't look around. Focus on a brick in a wall or whatever and concentrate on all of the sounds.

If you can't do this with your eyes open, then stand up, go about your day, and come back to this in a few hours and do it again until you can concentrate on all of it at once. Only when you are capable of listening and knowing everything sonic with your eyes open and your body un-relaxed should you progress to the other senses. Once you are ready, perform the same as above for sight, touch, taste, and smell. Sight is special, so I will go into that tomorrow, but for the rest just do as you did before with sound - concentrate on one particular aspect and realize all the aspects of it, along with color, temperature, texture, and emotion. When performing taste you can also perform touch, but when you perform touch you must be able to completely visualize the object in addition to all the other aspects.

By performing these exercises, you are opening your mind. You are letting your brain reach conjectures about things that are not perceived in the real world, or at least, not actively perceived. The final step to this is tonight when you go to bed. Grab a notebook and a pen, and sit on your bed just before you turn out the lights. Write "I will remember my dreams" as many times and as creatively as you wish on the first page of that notebook - repeat that phrase in your head over and over again as you're doing it. Finally, place the notebook and pen somewhere nearby and go to sleep. You may not remember your dream the very first night, but within 10 days you will begin to have at least 50% recollection. Write your dreams down every morning when you wake up, and hold on to the visuals from these dreams. You'll need them later.

Until tomorrow, where I teach you that Vision is just a different form of Sight.


The Form(ul)ation of Collective Mind

Access to the collective mind both forms and is a formula. Don't worry, you'll understand in a minute.

The collective mind leads you to what you need to learn spiritually through low-conscious activities - like dreaming, create-ing, meditating, or performing repetative work. Your mind naturally receives these messages, and can begin to grow a library of ideas, questions, philosophies and theories.

If a mind is willing and completely open, the questions can flow easily, which provokes the search of an answer. Today's society is accustomed to traditional searches for answers - books and the Internet. However, 2,300 some-odd years ago they didn't have books aplenty as we do, let alone the Internet - yet Plato was realizing things like 'Nature vs. Nurture' and wrote in a dialogue format (hello! I'm writing a BLOG! The return of redundancy). In either case, when 'traditional' resources for answers have been exhausted, alternate resources are sought. Once this point has been reached, a paradigm shift occurs.

Mind you, this is in both sensate and ideational. In other words, if a person is sensate and experiences something like rape, attempted suicide, or excessive poverty, that person may reach out to alternative reasons for living. If a person is ideational and finds himself hopeless, faithless, or in most destitute cases mindless, that person may also seek alternative reasons for life. If they do not, they often become the bum you've seen in front of 711 for as long as you can remember.

This is how the collective mind would form naturally. However, there is a formula to assist in this process - or more appropriately, many formulas. Each formula depends on how willing and open your mind is currently - and how much of yourself you are willing to open for change.

Some formulas call for sensate starvation - fasting, poverty, and solitude to name a few. Other formulas require ideational overload, such as meditation and immersion. In today's society, perhaps the most widely accepted and utilized formula would be meditation. However, not every person can benefit from meditation because they are blocking the process.

Not to be redundant, but you need to leave your paradigms outside chained up to a tree. If you can't, which is very likely (most don't realize they are unable!), I'll teach you how in tomorrow's post.


Novelty and the Noosphere, Psychic Evolution Pt 4

Terence McKenna also sees the world propelling to an Omega Point, much in the same way as Teilhard de Chardin. Except his prediction is for December 21, 2012.

Yeah, pretty freaky.

He theorized, and proved mathematically, what he calls the Novelty Theory where everything conceivable by man will be manifested in a very short period of time. Time travel, artificial intelligence - even an UFO visit. Very strange, yes - but he has based this occurance on this same theory that all minds will be connected.

Just like Teilhard's Noosphere.

Just like Jung's Collective Unconscious.

However, this 'collective mind' as I will call it from here onward, is already being used right now. This is not an invention of the future, this is a current thing that many many people around the world experience and use every day. Just ask a Tulku about their previous or future lives - they will tell you when they are born, where, and to whom - along with revelations and new realizations they will bring to this world.

In fact, all the way back to bicamereal man - cave man - the 'collective mind' was being utilized.

Three thousand years ago, the 'Gods' spoke to man, essentially giving him instinct. To them it was almost as though there was a true conversation going on in his mind, with one side speaking, and the other listening. This was about the same time as the Pyramids, Collossus, Easter Island, and Stone Henge. Technology back then is comparable to the technology of now, regarding astrology and time. How could they have known 12 to be the celestial number? How could they have devised stone structures that would capture certain stars during certain phases?

Either bicamereal man was very bored, or he had help.

Man kind today is the only mammal that does not have natural instinct, in general. Masters in esoteric arts, such as Karate, Shamanism, Wicca, and Buddhism, among numerous others, have special instinct skill sets that tell them about the world around them - and warn of danger, should it arrive. It all takes years of training, but the overlaying key to all of them is connecting to nature, and most do so by meditating.

Everything in this world is self-similar and historically beginning, if you look at it long enough. In order to advance our minds, we must do as bicamereal man did and connect with nature - by doing so, we will have reached the collective mind. Once everyone understands how to use our instincts - the collective mind - then society will be able to progress to the next, idealistic, phase.

Next time I'll start a new series. What would you like to know - more background information, such as complex systems theories, catastrophe theories, and so on, or do you want to dive right in and learn about the worlds within our world? This blog is your blog - make it what you want. I am simply the channel =)


Singularity, Psychic Evolution Pt. 3

Singularity is the point in time, predicted by numerous futurists, when everything develops so rapidly that it cannot be conceived just exactly what will happen, insofar as inventions or intelligence. Most futurists believe this to be sometime around 2030.

In order for singularity to occur, there obviously must be one large mass of perfectly interconnected people - or things. Some believe singularity will occur due to artificial intelligence, Teilhard de Chardin is an example of a futurist that disagrees.

The terrorist attacks of September 11 were a very Teilhardian moment. They were the shock that is helping planet wake-up. Not unlike Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Teilhard saw 'evil' as simply the growing pains of a disorienting psychic disorder, ultimately moving towards a higher state of spiritual unity. World wars, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation were merely bumps on the road. The internet, the global media and the push to the Noosphere were the real game being played.

The noosphere was like a bag of psychic skin being created by the new McLuhan information and media technologies and envelopinging the entire planet. This noosphere is different from the physical atmosphere we are mostly used to. But like the physical atmosphere, the noosphere is also prone to pollution.

Teilhard saw the shocks on the way to the world's psychic membrane as part of an evolutionary movement towards an Omega point of planetary inter-connectivity. These higher levels of planetary interconnection were the key to the future evolution of the human race.

This subtler and more powerful psychic inter-connectivity would lead to a bigger and deeper union of humans. Thus the global shocks were the growing pains towards this psychic fusion filled with tremendous untapped power. This power was brought about by more people bumping into one another and proliferating their contacts and connections thus releasing ever more this feeling of common force as well as common anxiety.

The Internet is only the beginning. By 2030, everyone will realize how to access the noosphere, or be swallowed in a Matrix like world where machines rule.


86 Gets 86'd at 82

Remember that old 1960's show, "Get Smart" that used to mock James Bond in a kind of Mr. Bean way? I'm going to miss him, but the guy who played Maxwell Smart (Agent 86), Don Smart, died today.

He's on my special list of interesting people and funny comediens of the time, along with Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis.

...and one begins to wonder how I've come to appreciate these men so much, I was born 20 years after these actors became famous...

Where were you 7 years ago?

Let's test your medical knowledge, based on the previous article (remember, the memory tests?!?) . Here's your question:

If you shoot yourself, in the temple of your head, will it kill you if you use blanks?

Answer right now before reading on.

Seriously. Decide already.

Okay. Read this and you'll find the answer =)

Today in Twisted History, September 26, 1998: Florida preacher Melvyn Nurse illustrates Seven Deadly Sins for his congregation by playing Russian Roulette with a .357 Magnum loaded with blanks. Unfortunately, Nurse (like late actor Jon-Erik Hexum) doesn't realize that blanks shot to the temple can kill him... And it does.

Repeating Redundancy Importance

Yet again it has been proven that the mind works best when presented with lots and lots of redundancy.

This article covers a few studies regarding human memory and how we remember 'claims' seperate from 'context'. Very interesting =)

Fear of Materialism

Credit ABC News:

The warnings keep piling up. Author Paul Roberts cautions his readers about "The End of Oil." National Geographic's cover story last month examined how the world might survive "After Oil." The Economist magazine asks, "Is the age of oil drawing to a close?"

People are beginning to fear their material possessions - fear that it will bring them to a financial collapse. Anyone else smell evolution?

Redundancy and Novelty, Psychic Evolution Pt. 2

Pitrim Sorokin described the concept of redundancy and novelty, in a fashion. He teaches that societies progress from ideational (spiritualism) to sensate (materialism) to idealistic (the combination). This is the pattern, the redundancy. It takes something novel in order to progress a society.

In the 1960s, California got a wake up call. Governor Jerry Brown launched a new way of thinking from his elected positions. Over time he became ridiculed for his tactics and progressional desires, such as launching a satellite into orbit so California could communicate better. He was nicknamed "Governor Moonbeam" and thought 'quirky'. In hindsight, the people have realized that he was simply ahead of his time. What was quirky then soon became 'forward looking' and is now simply 'conventional'. By the way, California did launch a satellite in a later administration.

Jerry Brown probably isn't the beginning of society's conversion from sensate to ideational or idealistic, but his political career has certainly been novel.

This is the way of evolution. It works in a spiral form with many echoes from the past fusing with the new elements of the future. Psychic evolution is certainly no exception.

Within this grander scheme of society's progression from sensate desires, there is the individual. The singular mind that will compute the information out there and have a revelation - a psychic evolution. Every day you are bombarded with messages - from media, music, art, religious establishments, and so forth. This is the redundancy. In every level of your psychic conscious you will find traces of these messages. When something comes from the un-field and interacts with your psyche, it is interpreted and filtered through all of these levels, a decision is reached, and it comes back out to the un-field for expression.

Psychic evolution occurs when something novel is presented with enough redundancy to penetrate and stick to each level of your psyche. This causes everything from the un-field to have a different interpretation - and most times causes a rapid succession of ideas that were previously inconceivable. It may be considered insane, but it is entirely possible to divide your psyche into entirely different sections of levels - only certain types of ideas from the un-field go through certain sections of levels, or even all of them, and create multiple perspectives, and multiple revelations on a multitude of levels. This is multi-plex thinking. This is when the human brain begins to gain more than the average 13% of use. We'll get into that much later =)

Obviously, if this can happen in a small group of people, then it can happen to as many people as can be exposed to these redundant patterns of novelty. This has been proven numerous times in history - The Crusades, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Tang Dynasty, and so forth. However, there is a new element today - digi-gadgets and the Internet. The psychic evolution can now occur on a worldwide scale due to our ability to communicate across the globe within a nano-second.

An evolution is coming - and a lot sooner than you think. Tomorrow I will write specifically about singularity and the Law of Accelerated Returns - see you then!



Although Muslim fanatics are somewhat more violent - do not visit that if you have a weak stomach! - fanaticism of any kind, especially the materialism paradigm, can really get you into trouble. All this guy wanted was a taste of 'the good life', now he might spend the rest of his life wearing a white jacket in a padded room.

Quoted From Fox News:

First Lady Nabs Prowler

SUVA, Fiji (AP) — The wife of Fiji's president caught an intruder doing push-ups in a room at the couple's official residence, police told a court hearing Friday.

Police told the magistrate's court in the capital Suva that 25-year-old Iowane Tuinamasi leapt over a fence at the home of President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and broke into the house before turning on a radio and beginning a workout.

"The first lady heard the noise and went to investigate. Once inside the room she noticed Tuinamasi doing press-ups while the music was on really loud," police prosecutor Suruj Kumar told the court, according to a report on the Web site.

She alerted an aide who nabbed Tuinamasi and took him to police.

Kumar said police were investigating how Tuinamasi sidestepped security at the presidential home.

Tuinamasi pleaded guilty to breaking into the house and told the court he wanted to know what life was like "up there" in the presidential home.

Magistrate Viliame Nadakuitavuki ordered Tuinamasi to undergo a medical examination before sentencing on Oct. 7.

The Beginning of Psychic Evolution

In our world, there are very many paradigms, or concepts widely accepted by the general public. Most times, these paradigms become jumbled together, the person becomes confused, and then is unable to psychicly evolve. From here on out, I want you to leave your paradigms outside chained up to a tree. Liken it to a 'pair a dimes' - or ten people's two cents that you just don't need. Get strapped in good and tight, because the rollercoaster begins now.

You solve paradigm confusion by learning to jump from one level of mind to another depending on what the problem is - multi-plex thinking. Basically there are levels of mind and they all create diffrent psychic fields. Within each field mind patterns are always being recyled in and out of the other fields, depending on how much novelty or redundancy exists with the pattern.

Ultimately all patterns go back to an UNFIELD where they originally emerged come out again once more in different forms. Art, invention, or even - more paradigms. More on this next time.

A futurist named Alvin Toffler talked about three waves of civilization: agricultural, industrial, and digital. This seems rather logical to me. Obviously we are moving towards a digital economy where mental work is more and more important.

Then the great media theorist Marshall McLuhan who influenced Toffler talked about various evolutions of nested media and how they created a global village nowadays. Again we return to the Law of Accelerating Returns - a digital revolution.

Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit paleontologist who saw the earth evolving into a psychic entity. He sees evolution occuring from cell to organism to to planet to solar system to whole universe - and the noosphere is absolutely key to our next evolution - planetary psychic evolution.

Carl Jung
also speaks about the noosphere, except he calls it the Collective Unconcious. Although his idea is slightly more limited than Teilhard's, it covers the same basic concept. Every mind is linked, every thought, every idea, everything, can be accessed by tapping into this collective.

In order for this planetary psychic evolution to occur, the digital evolution must already be in full swing. The new digi-gadgets we have give a channel for communication, and as explained in my next post, will eventually link us emotionally to such a point that it causes singularity.

See you next time!