The Collective Mind, Pt. 5

Today you will explore the rest of that plane you visited yesterday.

When you're done reading this, go out and find that spot by the tree again. Sit comfortably, and roll your eyes up into the back of your head as you did before - except also work to relax every muscle in your body from toe to head as you did the first time. Now that your eyes have been relaxed once, you can allow your lids to close once the rest of your body is relaxed.

Envision yourself floating upward in a swirling tunnel of sky and clouds, and find yourself sitting against your tree self in the next plane. Stand up, nudge your tree self awake, and ask him where you should go - remember there's the grassy meadow, the forest, the river, and the mountain range yet to explore. He will tell you what is calling right now, and unfortunately you will need to walk there. If you go to the river, there's a little boat just a bit down stream. If you go to the mountain, there is hiking equipment to help you climb. Everything you need is always provided.

Feel free to explore more than just this one area, but in that particular place will be something important for you to find. You might find a totem animal, or a symbol, who knows? Just go, explore, and seek yourself. When you're finished, sit back down next to your tree self and envision the same swirling tunnel of clouds and sky, open your eyes, and regain your balance. Don't worry, you'll get used to the disorientation eventually.

Tomorrow we'll explore the many different ways to access this plane outside of meditation. After that we will evaluate what you see and why - see you then!

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