The Collective Mind, Pt. 4

Today you will walk into the world of the Noosphere and use visualization techniques to release yourself of your paradigms.

When you're finished reading this, go outside and seek that spot next to the tree again. Sit comfortably, and roll your eyes up into the back of your head, keeping your lids open. Keep it that way, it will burn and hurt to the point that you want to give up and just close your eyes - but don't. After about 10 minutes your eye lids will naturally close, almost without being noticed. When this happens, keep your eyes rolled up, and begin to see yourself floating upward, being sucked into a swirling tunnel of clouds and sky.

You travel up for quite some time, only to find yourself in the same spot you are at right now, except different. As you look around you realize that there is a cave instead of a building, and instead of the rest of your normal surroundings, there's a river, a grassy meadow, a forest, and a mountain range off in the distance. Stop for a moment and concentrate on your surroundings. Know and feel everything, just as you have been before. See everything in your peripheral vision. Simply 'know'. There are animals around, you can sense them, but they're not interested in you right now - they know you're trying to improve yourself.

On the grass in front of you, preventing you from standing or going anywhere else, are a cross, a pair of Nike shoes, a 1967 Shelby Cobra, a 6-bedroom mansion, a 25-story office building, and an elaborate cathedral. They're very ominous, and at the same time very attractive. From your perspective, take your forefinger and thumb and put them around one of the objects - you aren't touching it, simply putting your fingers up close to your eyes so it looks like you're grabbing it. Now, pick it up, put it against your tree, and pull some rope out from behind the tree and tie the object up. Do this with every object, tying them in different spots along the tree.

Once your work is done, stand away from the tree and admire your work. As you stare, the tree begins to form a face - and it looks like you! You are tied up to all of these objects! A magical force is trying to pull you into the tree, but you must resist it! Speak to your tree self and find out why you are so attached to these things - the buildings and car you tied up change into what you truly desire, and tempt you, calling you to join. Resist the pull! Convince your tree self to destroy all of these objects, being larger than your self - this is the only way to stop the pull and save your life!

After a long and arduous battle, your tree self thanks you and sinks back into the trunk. The cave behind you now draws your attention. Somehow you understand that your deepest thoughts are within that cave. Enter it, but don't stumble too deep, it's very dark! Close your eyes for a few minutes, then when you open them up again everything will glow in a soft blue light. All you can see is a very long tunnel gradually going downward - it's a long journey, so you'd better get started.

The tunnel is almost completely featureless, and completely void of any torches or light of any kind, excepting your special vision. You will travel down this tunnel for quite some time, then finally, you will turn a corner and reach the repository of all your thoughts. The special place where all your thought processes have begun. It will be a beautiful place to you, and you now have all the time in the world to explore it and find all of your attachments. Put them into a sack on your side - don't worry, it never runs out of room. These attachments will be very hard to identify, but you must seek out as many as you can.

When you've gathered enough, walk back up to the surface. Strangely you find that the trip back up is a lot shorter than the trip down. Once back on the surface, go back to your tree self and place the attachments on the ground in front of him. Gently nudge him awake and ask if he would destroy these for you too. If he objects, convince him. As the final object is destroyed, a great wave of wind blows across the lands and blows on you so hard you fear you will fly away - but you don't, in fact, you find it quite easy to stand just where you are. The wind caresses you in a very determined fashion - almost cleansing you, creating a clean slate. After a few moments, the wind picks you up, and takes you back to your tree in the real world through the same tunnel of clouds and sky.

Open your eyes, regain your balance, and prepare yourself for tomorrow. That's when we'll explore some of the rest of that plane you visited. See you then!

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