Much Awaited Update

I've been very sick in the last couple of weeks, although I am better now, updates will be slow here for a while. I need to catch up on a few house duties, but as inspiration strikes me I will continue to write.

In the meantime, I'd like to clarify a few things. Firstly, some if not most of the entries here are in prose, and I don't generally link to the related news stories because I feel that you should keep yourself updated enough to already know about these things. Everyone needs to know what's going on in the world right now, because in a very short span of time a very great number of things are going to change in the way we live.

Another item you might have noticed is how outwardly bombastic and generally disgusting some of these entries can be. This is our world today. This is what you are living in - you are living in a world of filth. You need to see it, and you need to understand that there is something you can do about it. Don't go wandering around in your daily routine like the imperialist zombie you've been taught to be - have an active part in your world. Do something to make it better. Question it, seek to find the one correct end-all answer. Empower yourself, because in the near future, your job will be very different. The time is now to find yourself, or find yourself lost in the American meltdown to come.

America will lose this war. Indeed, we already have.

Our nation as we knew it is crumbling from the inside out. CIA leaks, upscale indictments, scandals everywhere you look, lobbyists having all the say over the people - everything is falling to shambles. Riots ensue when Bush goes anywhere for a good reason. I'm not even calling him the President anymore because I feel, as do many others, that he made the ballots lie. This nation has become a dictatorship, the politicians have figured out a way to manipulate the system in such a way that the people who should have control no longer do, and there inlies the problem - we have a system.

Granted, since Somalia took down its government in 1991 it hasn't done much better either, but they will see how to work together soon enough. Venezuela has done quite well for itself, and for those of you who aren't capable of surviving the battle to come, I recommend you move there.

Another item I'd like to bring up - I wish reporters would stop slinging around the word Anarchy. Anarchy is not chaos, it is a large group of people working together for the same cause without a leader. They are each their own leader, bringing up ideas and acting upon them. For a few perfectly stable examples of Anarchy, look at anything Jim Henson produced. I still feel it was particularly misfortunate that he got that headache, but he left enough of a legacy for us to learn from.

Until next time, keep your eyes open, read all you can, and know your world.


Anonymous said...

Calling Jim Henson an anarchist is easily the most offensive vile things I've read pour out of your keyboard.

The type of "anarchy" you seem to embrace seems to be as of a result of your own station in life. It gives off the reek of being an excuse and a scapegoat for blame.

Trisha said...

Anarchy is not the vile thing you speak of.

Anarchy is about everyone working together as 100% equal. No status, nothing's better than anything else, only prettier to the individual.

You really should look into anarchy before you start bashing it, and if you've ever seen an interview with Jim Henson, he openly admits he's an anarchist.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see an interview when Jim states such in EXACT wording!

You seriously missread anarchy for being a noncomformist.

I know Jim Henson and his work very heavily.

You are are such a joke!

Anonymous said...

You are a pretentious, delisional, self absorbed moron. Your own horrible life choices combined with your flip flopping of aspirations is beyond laughable.

Every few months you come up with a new mission in life.

Here's one: get your small peahead out of your ass!

Trisha said...

Go get the Fraggle Rock season 1 disk set and watch the fifth DVD. He states it plain and clear.

Have a look at this: National Anarchist FAQ

Open your eyes. I've not been changing missions, I've been adding means to the end. You can ask my mother just how much I wanted to contribute to humanity even then, and I'm sure my ex-husband saw that trend. I don't stay on any topic for too long because it grows boring, so re-directing my attention to the same end is how I've gotten along so far.

And if you're going to keep using "delusional" you may as well learn how to spell it correctly.

Anonymous said...

a "typo".... I'm crying myself to sleep over that, especially in light of your own!

Oh you rented Fraggle Rock and now like all the other things you've glanced over, you've become an instant expert?!

You are such a joke!

You need to be a so called "anarchist" because your own life is in such a sad state that you need that to conteract your idiotic failure.

You use internet searches to give the illusion that you have any sort of knowlege on any sort of issue.

One million readers, all sorts of sad little aspirations for someone with nothing but bullshit meaning.

Heck, whatever you want to cling to as you sink into the quicksand of your own filth is fine. As your plane takes a nosedive, keep thinking you are gently floating down into pillows held by kittens.

High school drop out, first child involved in state legal issues, got a GED (Good Enough Deplomia), while you jump job to job.

.... idiot

Trisha said...

Okay so having being raised on Sesame Street, The Dark Crystal, The Muppets, and Fraggle Rock isn't enough to be a fan of Jim Henson? I own them by the way.

Whatever - you're only degrading yourself by assuming. How hard is it really to simply accept the fact that I have mentors who are helping me learn all of this?

My first daughter isn't caught up in state legal issues - and if she is then my ex-husband has some explaining to do.

A GED was never good enough for me. I did my time, I spent the year it took to get my real diploma. I only dropped out of High School because I needed to eat - you know some things we do for survival and are necessary. Your sheltered life can't begin to cope with the scope of poverty I have survived.

You can only say about others what is true about yourself. It takes one to know one.

Trisha said...

I've spoken with my ex-husband about these "state legal issues" and I'd like to know your resource because someone is lieing about me.

...and how could you even know if that record is really me or not? You're probably looking at the wrong record. Worse yet - you probably paid for this incorrect information.

You know, it's really sad when someone has so few meaningful things in their life that they have to look for people to bully to make themself feel better.

Why don't you go masturbate or something?

Will said...

for the record, trisha..
an·ar·chy Pronunciation Key (nr-k)
n. pl. an·ar·chies

1. Absence of any form of political authority.
2. Political disorder and confusion.
3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.


n : a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government) [syn: lawlessness]

Will said...

Mr anonymous.... after observing you for a while.. it seems that you have something "personal" against trish. I see little... if anything to suggest you can argue the "position" she takes.... all you seem to do is attack.. maliciously.... and personally...
so.. all I can do is assume that this is all you CAN do....
or.. she has slighted you somehow... pehaps she turned you down for a date??

Anonymous said...

Let's see, your husband has your first kid..... which is kind of odd since so many times mothers get the kid, it must be due to your great household foundation for raising a kid?

High school drop out, then a GED later...... (good enough deploma)

Job hopper for minimum wage positions

No one has to pay for that said information, you yourself made that available.

Again, you know nothing about the work of Jim Henson. You ascribe the word "anarchist" with a massive stroke to anything that is against the grain or independent to mob mentality of society.

Also, your flavorite of the week mentality with grabbing onto "anarchy" is clearly in effort to excuse your own position in life.

Yes, it must be the fault of society, you are just too smart for the rest of the little worker bees out there. After all, why accept any personal blame that you are horribly underqualified for any job, that you cannot hold one for any length of time, that you're constantly broke?

"Gee, if I claim to be an anarchist this week I can hide so many short falls under it. This perhaps will help my wish to be the center of everyones attention."

will - I tend not to wish to date people with a clear need of psyhoactive medications

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My life was very much not sheltered. The trouble is you think no one with any real world experience will not call you on the crap you speak.

There is a difference between watching Henson material and knowing the history of him, The Childrens Television Workshop and Jim Henson Productions. You jump to call him an anarchist, because that's the flavor of the week you are.

Trisha said...

Underqualified for a job? Why yes I do believe I've stated many times before that I am simply learning, and that my upper colleagues (best related to you as "boss") are helping me to help them. Oh, being broke, yep - I've said that one before too, but I'd much rather be broke financially than assist in the brokenness of a company.

How would you feel if you were six months pregnant and puking up blood because one was not allowed to eat from 7am until 4pm? Or how about working third shift by yourself and being unable to reach your manager after almost being robbed at gunpoint the night before? How would you feel if your co-workers plotted against you because of your religion by making prank calls blaming you for things you never did without the managers even checking a simple log file? How about your babysitter lieing to you about how long she'd be available, only to find out three weeks later she'd been planning to move out of state the whole time?

These are the reasons why I have left my jobs, and consequently, where my disappointment in The Establishment seriously took root. I have lived and believed as an anarchist since the day my parents deserted me. This was six years ago.

My ex-husband has my daughter because of The Establishment - because of the fact that I could not fight him and his parents whom he'd been feeding lies since he was born. He abused me, I had pictures and witnesses, he denied it, they believed him.

I dropped out of High School because of him - because he was too lazy to get a job and I was starving to death, and how many times do I have to state that I received my official diploma, not a GED?

The information that I have made available said absolutely nothing about my first daughter being caught up in legal issues, or most of anything else you've said about me and my family - this only stands as testament to how depraved your reading comprehension is.

You cannot possibly understand what I do and do not know - you are not me, you have not lived my life or even bothered to see anything honest about my life, and again, arnarchy is not a bad thing. Read up on it, open your eyes already!

I'm actually quite happy with my position in life. I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, gas in my car, a computer, internet service, and all the basic amenities along with my literacy and relative safety. That is so much more than can be said for denizens of most other countries. I'm not beaten and raped and forced to cover my entire body just because I was born female. I'm not depressed about my "status" - status doesn't even matter, and will have even less significance in the years to come. There's nothing to excuse about my life, there's nothing wrong with living as I do. I'm surviving and I'm happy, and most importantly, I haven't fallen short or failed - I'm still here, still trying, still learning.

I did not jump to call Jim Henson an anarchist - I reasearched into him because I felt his programs were very anarchistic. What I found was him stating quite plainly that he's an anarchist. No further research was necessary. Also - did I ever mention I was an expert on him? No, in fact, I clearly stated I was a fan. Your reading comprehension is coming back to haunt you...

You're not "better" because you do this, you know. We're both humans, we're both just trying to survive. There is no such thing as status - so stop trying to make yourself bigger by beating up on the supposed little guy. I'm just trying to get people to question their world, open their eyes, and see what is really going on around them. I'm not advocating myself, I'm not trying to 'sell' myself as anything. I'm just trying to get the word out, be a conduit. That's all.

I am not speaking as me. I am the loudspeaker for the 'little people'. I am not teaching or selling or preaching - I'm allowing the choice of free will and simply getting the information out there. There is no one true answer, there is no end-all - so obviously, the answer must be somewhere in everything we know. If it is all brought forth, then an educated conjecture can be made but, the mind has to already be aware and questioning the world before this conjecture can take place.

Quite simply, I'm getting as many people to think as I can. Although your logic is misdirected, your use of it is at least promising.

Will said...

Mr anonymous
you certainly make a point of putting this... conflict... into personal perspectives.... rather sad actually... blogs are meant for contructive work... not destructive attacks on a person.