Head Count

If you don't comment, I won't know you're here. I need to know how many of you there are so I can keep a count and release this secret when you've multiplied to one million =)

So, comment, if even only once, and leave a name. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Ishvara Jah here. Have a great day! :)

Trisha said...

Thanks! Current count:

Anonymous said...


~animus invidious

Trisha said...

Yay =)

Trisha said...

I will be copying this blog to a CD-RW and taking it to a friend's home so they can read it, as they do not have internet access.

One of these persons wishes to be known as Archon Kirin. I have yet to speak with the others in the home, so that brings the readership count to 3. If the others join in, it would add another 3 people.