I Have A Secret

I have a secret,
and business should be the wiser and listen up.

This secret will be released when I have one million readers, and believe me, it will change the world as we know it.

It will change how we see media.

How we see our material possessions.

How we see our family.

How we see ourselves.

Investors, you can get a sneak peek if you're interested in helping to fund us.
We need 10 Million.

Yes. That much. This is an enterprise on a global scale. This will change everything.

Readers, get to referring. Your life is about to turn up-side down. In the meantime, I'll keep you updated on everything you'll need to know to handle this secret. From the esoteric to futurism to technology developments - you'll find everything interesting right here.

Keep your eyes peeled. Official launch coming Sunday the 25th.


Anonymous said...

10 million

Trisha said...

At least portions adding up to 10 million. This is why it would perhaps require a collaborative investor effort.

Anonymous said...

10 million without a business model, a presentation within a blog as well as shakey foundations? Sounds like a great business opportunity, even though there are really no sensible reasons why one would blindly hand over money to a complete strangeer with no plan other than requesting money for a flight of fancy.

Scam! Although, anyone handing the keys to a Bentley to someone blind and drunk has it coming when the car is driven into a tree.

Trisha said...

We do have a business model.

We have already attained all of our intangible assets.

Animation, music, and voice acting is already in production.

Our CEO, Joseph, would be more than happy to explain in more detail and show you these documents. We are simply not disclosing our endeavors online due to the possibility of idea theft.

Do feel free to contact me at so that we may discuss your concerns.