The Collective Mind, Pt. 3

This is going to be shorter than usual, but learning how to 'see' is exceedingly key.

Remember what you've learned on how to sense everything about every thing? In order to truly see, you must add all of that to the exercise below.

Once you've finished reading this post, go back outside to that spot near the tree, and sit comfortably. Stare straight ahead and look to your furthest peripherals - out of the corner of your eye, as far over as you can see, without moving your head. Concentrate on seeing every detail, register these details in your mind, and shift to another direction.

Keep doing this, concentrating on your peripheral surroundings, then shifting once you've seen everything. Once you can do this quickly, try standing up and walking while doing this. See more than just what is right in front of you. Once you can do this accurately, add in all the other senses, and know everything about every aspect of all your surroundings.

When you can do this, you are ready to continue. Tomorrow I will begin telling you about visual concepts and 'memes' in visualization. Conitnue practicing, within the week you'll be using the new Vision you have gained.


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Enjoying your ideas, Trish. Have a great day!