Naturally Supernatural

If our eyes, ears, noses, tongues, and fingers already miss certain things that we know about, then it would be perfectly logical that our senses miss things we don't know about - or at least, question the existance of.

I've stated once before that I'm not a Christian, so keep this in mind.

What if we just can't see Spirits?

...or vampires?

...or demons?

...or angels?

...or pegasi?

What if we can't see God?

What if they all live among us, and not in some distant mental plane, but right here. Right in front of you - sitting betwixt the screen and your eyes.

How's that for coffee?

Better still - what if we've simply forgotten how to see them? This would explain a LOT of myth, and in a way, lends to evolution. We simply evolved out of seeing these things - much like a kid grows out of telling silly stories about monsters in their closet. We have gradually closed our minds. Over time, humans have come to use less and less of their brains. The debate remains as to whether this is due to less brain use or brain growth, but what if we have so many more senses then what we use?

What if we have a radio in our head, that can talk to anybody anywhere - Earth and beyond?

What if, on this radio, we're sending out waves of energy insulting these other beings?

A bit far fetched? Maybe not.

Can YOU explain crop circles?


Anonymous said...

you mean the crop circle footage that was taken showing people doing it?

Trisha said...

...and how about those 'alien captured' videos?

There's a lot of hookey surrounding that subject.

I'm genuinely interested - who did this report? How long did it take them to build the crop circle?

Ryan said...

you comments are possible thru theory, but may not be possible by humans...We as people are not capable of manipulating ourselves to perform these actions.
We cannot percieve the 4th dimension, but that is where the answer to your question lies, according to theory. Check this out . We would be able to travel(change) time and space. Work that over in your mind!

Ryan said...

It is also possible that that there are things(dont know how to describe it) that we cannot sense. We are capable of sensing 5 particular "things", but humans will never know what we cannot sense. Thats where that 4th dimension comes into effect. If we could percieve the 4th dimension then we would be able to understand other senses that we didnt know existed, and I'm sure they do...

Trisha said...

Very interesting read =) I'll be sure to go back to those pages when the inspiration for those subjects rises again, for now I've found a different purpose.

Thanks #22, for stepping into tomorrow

Will said...

Perception.... that I think is the key to it all... perhaps our minds limit what we can perceive? some base instinct to help protect us from an overwhelming amount of information? I recall hearing once that the "imaginary friend" that some children play with it really some form of spirit... but as we age... and are told that "no such things exist" we block it out...

Ryan said...

Will, what your saying about imaginary friends would put some truth behind stories like "The Amnityville Horror" but thats a tough concept to believe...I feel that some people are desperitly looking to escape reality due to unwanted situations but are unable to make changes, so they start to "daydream"

Trisha said...

Who really knows?

Logically, either answer could be true.

Science is still a practice, as much as we'd like to think it is solid. Studies are shown again and again to be untrue, and then true again,

hot dogs for health,
flouridated water,
fat is bad,
but certain fats are good,
same for cholesterol,

...and the question still remains if schizophrenic people are truly insane - maybe they're just connecting to the senses the normal mind cannot perceive?

Maybe they are the next human evolution.

animus said...

Oh, i know that spirits abound.
Our eyes filter many things, our minds even more.
Apparently, many crop circles are not flattened, they just grow that way.
Odd, huh?

Will said...

science is preactice huh... heh... a scientific "fact" is really only a theory that has not yet been proven wrong. really it is little more then a guess at something that is SO far beyond us that we have to try to make up rules and laws for the vary forces of nature....

Trisha said...


Anonymous said...

there is nothing like dogmatic blind acceptance of any ideal.

conspiracies theories of ANY group are very interesting in light of that said individuals personal colective shortfalls.

Yes, if there are multiple deminsions beyond our own we will not really be able to fully comprehend it, no matter what our respective positions. likewise at the same time, believign in "toothfairy" sort of spiritual ideals creates our own lack of responsibility.

Yes, too many with REAL degrees and substantial fruits in their own lifes may in fact appear as arrogant; but still it's too evident how lacking in any sort of "fruit" are the ones who claim a mountain of spiritual secrets.

Being a fundamentalist christian protesting all sorts of things is equally as bad as the new ager come lately who dogmatically equally swallows subjective ideals in a horrible attempt to justify and give peace to ones own history of failure and self deception.

then again..... who cares........... santa and superman slug it out in a bar over who would win a fight "Spock or Vader".

apparently some need nothing to hold on to, when beyond nothing is left.

Anonymous said...

yes, I don't know any sort of "occult" new age sort of information....

after all I must be so lacking as the solar temple suicide group in 1994..... or heck, since it's all conected the whole Rosicrian movement... or even the countless other groups with so many secrets of the end of the world and coming enlightening.... but were left with their thumbs up their asses.

having a "vision from god/God" with the end of times being manifest in wars, famine and all sorts of things is so comical

look up the beginning of the seventh day adventist to see where this stupidity has landed many. or even that shithead elizabeth may prophet.

it's always some demon or other evil/small minded group that the other individual is so much lacking. it's interesting that it's never the individual.

call down fire from heaven, speak in a dead language while typing out the libary of congress on a PC.... otherwise the whole "power of god/goddess/Gods" seems pretty subjective doesn't it?

Unless of course we want to hide our own failure behind spirituality.

Anonymous said...

* typo:
Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Trisha said...

So we've all failed, hmm?

Animus has taken in several people in need. He's helping the public, being a friend to those in need. He has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known.

Will is the same way. If he had the space, I'm sure he'd do just as much.

You value money and conformism, we value people and nature. For us, to have succeeded is to be happy, for you, to have succeeded is to look good on paper.

Finding the cheese in a rat race society is a man-made success standard, and has caused numerous plagues all on its own. On the other hand, man is made of emotions and thoughts - we were born this way, always have been, always will be.

The scale can only tip one way. You are either a product of man, or you are a product of yourself.

Will said...

you seem to run your mouth alot.. but say nothing..... weird... seems like too much hot air. where did "conspiracy theories" come from??

Will said...

do you think conspiracy and esoteric are the same thing, much like satanism voodoo and paganism?? if this is right... then I am VERY SORRY for you... it is a sad place to be.... so alone...

animus said...

multi-dimensions link

Anonymous said...

conspiracy theories seem so often to be pushed by social misfits who actually need there to be a conspiracy to give a bigger reason for certain events, as well as transposing blame.

I run my mouth by say nothing - well, apparently so in light of not being dogmatically stating white lighter info constantly.

I find trisha to be honestly more than a bit on the crazy side. her constant search to become the sage to the world is pretty sad.

Delisions of grandure, smoke & mirror statements fill her entries.

Trisha said...

A: Conspiracy theories have nothing to do with this blog. I am not purporting in any way that someone is hiding something from someone else.

B: My constant search is for information, thought, and new ideas. I'm not looking TO BE THE ANSWER, I'm looking for QUESTIONS.

C: I'm not sending smoke signals, I'm not proclaiming to be a guru, I am trying to provoke thought, to get people to realize that something is amiss.

Social misfit doesn't quite fit right on me, try Anarchist, and while you're at it - you're the one who proposed the conspiracy theory that I'm a conspiracy theorist, what would that say about you, if I should use the term as loosely?

You're putting words in my mouth, Mr. Anonymous. Have I ever once said that my answer is the final one? Did I happen to mention to be an expert on any of these things? I certainly didn't because NOBODY can claim to be.

Not one single solitary soul.

However, being an Anarchist, one is obligated to spread propoganda. I'm not an armchair revolutionary, and I'm not just one person. I am acting along with many.

We are trying to make a better society - whatever form it may take. We are not providing the answers. We are asking questions and provoking emotion to get more people involved and thinking.

Will said...

again Anonymous shows no teeth.. and prays that his bark will frighten.... heh... the only thing missing from your comments Anonymous is bible thumping... cant wait for that to start....

Flyp said...

You guys are awesome. Are any of you into the mayan Tzolkin, or spiritual calendar? If you haven't looked into it, I would recommend research. It is a powerful tool for uniting allo forms of consciousness, and really tends to bring things together. Are any of you into shamanism?

Trisha said...

I am a shaman =) And I'll look into that.