Thought is Pointless

In the comments to Reality is not Real, Psuedolus gave the notion that thought is pointless. No, that's too strong. Specifically, just so that I don't take this 'out' of context, he stated:

And before you go off on my not understanding your subjects, I have immersed myself in all manner of occult topics for many decades and decided that such loose thinking was not productive nor any true reflection of reality.

Let us analyze some history, hmm?

Plato started the debate on Nature vs. Nurture. In much later years, this prompted scientists to question it deeper. In 1995, the Human Genome Project was completed. Since then, we've made miraculous leaps and bounds in medicine. Granted, most of these leaps aren't particularly astounding, leaving our abilities to simply holding a person on a long torturous teather. However, a large majority of patients are benifiting from another treatment, also very tightly based on 'loose' thinking.

In fact, the very same loose thinking I'm speaking of in this blog.

The power of the mind, and our power to trick it.

Laughter is still the most powerful cure known to medicine. Some patients even react positively to placebo.

Loose thinking has proven itself many times to not only be fruitful, but also a large trend in a society's way of life outside of the esoteric, such as Benjamin Franklin's lightning experiment, and Plato's republic government concept. Astrology, airplanes, Dynasties, the Pope, the Tarot, and recorded history would not exist. Why record history if there's nothing we can learn from it? Many societies have found no reason to document their daily lives, or even write at all.

Apparently, I should stop right there as writing is pointless.

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