The Heavans and Our Dreams

Wednesday night I had a particularly strange dream, as noted in my personal journal, and I would like to go back to this. Please read it, I'll reference it throughout this entry.

Perhaps the most important part is the weather. Summer is the time of warmth, and relates to the sun. Let's look at a few ancient symbolic depictions of the sun, from Giordano Bruno, De Imaginum Compositione and Ars Memoriae, respectively, via Esoteric Archives.

Note the common use of the Lion, representative of the zodiac sign Leo, and the head within the rays of the sun, representative of the ego. The ego part is most important, but there is a common link within the dream for Lions. The Amazons resided in African jungles - and but who is the king of the jungle? The lion.

Basically, this leads me to believe that when it is not raining, the events most closely relate to what I am doing now, my current mental state, my ego. So, I'm running a rat race with everyone else. I am simply following. Also, with relations to the Amazons, I am headed towards my kingdom of sorts - my realm, what I am supposed to be doing, and how I will break free of this rat race.

Most everything else within the dream are representative of what is important to me and relevant to the solution - my family, philosophers, Chakras, technology, and relaxation. There is a prophetic element in the virtual reality battle, warning of difficulty in the technology arena, and of mockery. Another prophetic symbol is the glass dome over the medieval dining hall - kind of a blanketing of future over the past. The fact of it made of glass represents that one must be careful in building this future.

Finally we reach the most perplexing element of the dream - the magical metal-feather shoulder plates. Feathers relate to birds and flight, metal being stregnth, but the fact of them being shoulder plates is perhaps the most important. I am a Gemini, an air symbol, and my ruling planet is Mercury. Once again we look at Ars Memoriae except this time at the planet Mercury. Note in particular the use of wings, mainly due to ancient myth and Hermes, the messenger god. Do I have a message on my shoulders? There's a Yiddish proverb, "God gave burdens, also shoulders." The 'message' was in pieces, and I am to put it together before it can be placed on my shoulders and hold its magical properties. The peices fit together much like a puzzle. It is a strong message (metal) that will help me do battle (invincibility). Also think on the way it was presented to me - by two Amazons - Twins, another symbol of Mercury and Gemini.

That was rather fun =) If you're stuck on interpreting one of your dreams, I'm willing to help. Simply post a comment and I'll cover the symbolism in the next post. Not sure what I'll write about tomorrow, but I'll certainly see you then!


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I love how you do "hot linking" with graphics

Trisha said...

I've said before this is only a temporary location for this blog. I've hotlinked for only a temporary amount of time.

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