Through Mine Eyes

Such is the focus in life, always someone else and not myself, they play with your head opening the door and putting in their ideas, never to be your own. The individual is lost, ever following that chance for an Angel, the grass so green on the other side, walk the way everyone else has. Why have so many of us if it always comes down to one Bush who pulls the trigger? I didn't ask for this, the blood of many splayed across derelict clay of off-home abodes, monuments torn to shatters from Christmas to the politically correct. Diversity has taught us a cruel lesson of bloodied tolerance, but it always ends up caught in one word, one person. Whatever happened to each his own, replaced by questioned torture and shoddy filmography, innocents bound and missing.

Hey but I've come to save you of your heathenous ways, to show you the glory of strapping on a bomb to show the world the size of the heart.

I have spent your free thought, tacked it up to a cross and left it to die.

So caught up in taxing the poor and leaving the rich to donate the rest to my cause, my purpose, my SUVs and my gunning lobbies. I'll be better, the lesser of two evils, the voice of the people lining my purse. No less a representation of America as it is Americans. I'll say it if you pay me, I'll flip burgers and clean toilets until I get tired of the money, maybe then I'll carry dishes for tips or run for President.

Nation of the free to be in poverty, sans morality and family, can do whatever is possible, so long as you've got background palpables. Nation run on paper to ignore the pauper, without property you have no voice, without a lobby full of people you're a pin drop in a Hey stack.

Go ahead and eat it, indulge in your fat reflection that everyone but you sees, taking up two parking spots reserved to those through which the biggest asses can speak, by these people, for these people. Yes, you are the great capitalist nation, talking your big words for the little people full on nothing but hot air and promise, giving the solution but never to the problem.

And then the nation stops in awe to watch the fattest of them all get fatter with pregnancy, marry, divorce, and loose the weight in the fab new diet created during 30-hour marriage. From silver screen and silver spoon they can't see the lessons they teach, hypnotizing humanity in miscreant lies of beautiful filth. Such is the nourishing food for society, media made nannies to a bottle fed hypocrisy, wiping our ass so we don't see our shit.


Anonymous said...

Someone failed english, is off their psychoactive medications, but yet is high on the pretentious scale.

Trisha said...

LOL - then you obviously have no idea what this is all about =)

...yep, you're gonna be left behind.

Trisha said...

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