Children die in such ways

I find that I can't get Jeffrey out of my mind. I can see him at 11- 12 years old jumping in the car, when I'd pick him up at a friends. It's so's almost like you can reach out and touch him. What a world of hell this administration has put us in. One we will live in all the rest of our days...

Everybody dies, he could have gone another way, but he had to leave his parents behind. Voting put to 18 so they could have a say before they died, but we're still trapped and corralled, cordoned off to the private sector, waiting to be picked up by the butcher Uncle Sam. We're not so different in times of difference, we both still put our own heads to the chopping block.

Lost my father much too soon, but not to ideals, he died for his vices, the apple didn't fall far,

as I light another,

you know he went to jail saying things I said before, didn't like the big guy either,

we're all the fruit of our tree, the weak seed of American tree. Pine-ing for that shiny new thing, blind to the bright

to superscede you, a genius at your feet, begging for more than bottom feed from the colorful box,

they want you, mommy, they want you to show them the way to two jobs and poverty, gotta have that prettier sparkley, put it on the credit card and watch the money go before it comes,

hey you know this is stupid, how come you can't just show them how to build,

their mind a precious thing.


Ryan said...

It seems that nowadays we, as a unified people have given the government too much freedom, or maybe we have put into power those who will not listen to the people. But we allowed it, and now no matter what we say nothing will matter, our voice will not be heard. Whats the point of freedom of speach if noone important will listen?? We have brought this upon ourselves. Not once but twice, and now Bush knows it, doing what ever he damn well pleases with total disregard of the american peoples' approval. For shame citizens, you could have avoided this but you chose to go along with it.

Trisha said...

Yes seriously - we've gone back to the formation of the government when only WHITE MALES WITH PROPERTY had a voice... remember that in your history lessons?

Now the white males with property have been replaced by large groups with strong opinions and money for campaigns - lobbyists.

They slipped their finger into the pink slit of government, but government is already married - to the people. Looks like the husband on paper is being ignored for the husband with all the cash.

In a nutshell - our government is cheating on us.

cheesemeister said...

I've thought for a long time that the electoral college needs to be abolished. But a lot of people just go with whatever the popular opinion of the time may be. Many people don't use their own minds.
Something no-one should ever have to know is the pain of burying their child. One of my friends buried her 35-year-old son 2 months ago. He was in a motorcycle accident and wasn't wearing a helmet.
Back when I was young, the lady next door to us had lost a son in Viet Nam. She would sit on her porch in the afternoon and wail. I can never forget that sound. I wish no-one would ever have to grieve this way. Even now, 35 years later, it makes me cry.
For what it's worth:

Ryan said...

But, is it really Peace. Seriously, what is the price of peace. It looks like war to me. Tell me, since when does war = peace? We go to war, we START a war with the innocent in mind. For the ones who start wars are the terrorists. How do you think the Iraqi's feel about us? Do we bully them around? You may say "we are liberating their country" but who the fuck do we think we are getting into other nations problems when we can't even fix the problems we have at home. I don't get it. If any prior president tryed to start an unjust war, lie to the people, then turn on us, he would no doubtly be impeached. But, what Cheesemeister was saying, nobody thinks for themselves anymore. Maybe Bush is a good representative of the people in this country. We DO think were better than everyone else. The ignorance makes me not want to be a part of it. In the news today, 2000+ Americans have died in the war. How many people have our American troops killed, how many innocent? We kill soo many of them, and then when one single American troop dies, we're up in arms. The media has a big role, they only relay the bad news of the war, biased bad news. They never talk about the inoocent family in Iraq that we killed unjustly. It's bad enough that we invade another country "in the name of peace". The only way to obtain peace is to do the exact opposite.