Have to get ahead of tomorrow, into the future where sane people live, tell them I don't want to go, tell them I'm happy with your

panties in a bunch for a cheerleading whore, Oh governor, you're so 'cool', so cool in the face of disaster, when the planes hit - what were you after?

I'm so tired of this bullshit circus, he did this, she said that, fuck it all for its bucket 'o crap, you know they've got cures for that

trigger happy delusion of grandeur, shit didn't I say I was getting off this train? Jumping right away, escaping to something better, hey you know there's androids out there? They'll babysit your kid and show 'em math, maybe the Jihads on Darwin could use 'em to strap up their stupid

for paradise, oh daddy, tell me how many women I will have again, God save me from your followers, they're a numbskulled bunch, can't see beyond the Great Beyond,

there's a lot more going on In Here, you know thought is possible, angry fucking explodable head sailing jihads,

we can be real people about this and see what's what before exploding another hairy foot to heavan,

Oh it's so beautiful, greener pastures and all, you know it's hard having a reason to live, your God must have oops forgot the suicide thing, somehow Sun Tzu did okay though

might be just cause they plain hate all Black Ships, simple policy - fuck all of you, maybe that's what Bush is goin' after.

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