Here are the Mind Fuckers

by 51 Phonehome, all rights reserved

---so here is the secret code to be avoided at all costs during the state of the union address:

Melchizedek butt-fucks Joseph MacArthy who protects ruthless terrorists, he reads Mein Kampf as he spreads AIDS across the entire middle ages with the help of holy Amschel Mayer, the indifferent leader of Union oil, the Morgan Stanley of mass destruction, a friend of the mass media and other kinds of mafias, a warlord like Douglas MacArthur, a modern version of mad Marduk, a magician telling George Marshall about Pearl Harbor and Machiavelli's big weapons of potential wealth, a hardliner like Mr. John McCloy who kissed the asses of the secret assassins of Dallas, a supreme liar like Robert McNamara who pushed political defeat in the endless Asian Mexican wars, a money supply freak who attacked Karl Marx, the rogue and bully who predicted the massacre at My Lai as the burgers were ordered with hormones and this deficeit spending at the local MacDonald's, a gift bought by the mysterious Rothchilds with intense consultations at the United Nations security council, the true mystery school of the majestic-12, so please tell Teihard that I've arrived on the planet, tell Brother Allen, that I'm with him on the planet Mars, that he and I are perfect as we explore these Egyptian pyramids, and discover the holy secrets of the Sphinx paws, there is a confusion that persists like a public straight-jacket, that persistently howls on the road , this billion dollar message delivered by the New York Times, a message of future mischief ehoed by Newsweek that Ronald Reagan was secretly shot by Rockefeller with Alzheimer's bullets, that the budget for the Russian revolution didn't have enough votes in congress, that the Rosicrucians had a fisical crisis that inspired Alfred Rosenberg, who aked for a referendum that allowed Walt Rostow who was a friend of Dean Rusk who was a friend of George Bush to bomb Kosovo in secret defiance of the latest drug treatments inspired by the Trilateralists who sent a puppet like Colin Powell to pressure Iraq to increase any jihad that could be convenient for the persecution of traditional industrial interests, so tell dear Teilhard that I'm on the planet, brave old prophet, tell also Arthur C. Clarke that my shining white cloak will blind you, then rip you to pieces in this political recycling environment found in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan, a black magic given with extreme voter legitimacy like the time the Lusitania was sunk with Lucifer cackling for victory on the Somme, then an analysis of Hiroshima that showed this great progress in just thirty years, a celebration by the Jehovahs that said Korea led to the Gulf of Tonkin, so dear Allen I'm with you inside the Federal Reserve, I'm interrogating Alexander Hamilton, the bitch, who claimed he was a Christian, but was actually a closet Jew, a Muslim that got shot in that face with a thunderbolt sent from Shiva's traditional political indifference machine, a Buddhist form of retribution brought to you wrathfully by the god of death Yamantaka, who applauded Barry Goldwater's holy atomic orgasm, Clinton's crusades of the Lincoln bedroom, LBJ's space shuttle, from where I can now see the earth like a jewel, where Nixon and JFK debated the fate of the galaxies, written in psychic ink by Dostoyevsky, as he lamented the energy policy of the Council of Foreign Relations where shares for Auschwitz were traded on the New York Stock Exchange, so Tell Moloch that I am here, that Green Tara is the friend of the holy universe, tell dear old Teilhard that I'm here.

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