The Great Music Hunt

In my seemingly neverending hunts for decent music, I crash landed in shit land. Often times I check out the samples at 'shitland entrance', then if they're interesting enough, I visit the website 'alternate shitland entrance'. Karn8 is so wrong on so many levels. They do have a bit of symphonic talent, but they repeat just shy of teeth-gratingly terrible, putting them in the "Pop" category. Pop is pretty far 'down there' in my black list of genres, but they managed to keep me interested with their symphonics, photogenics, and ultra Goth facade.

...but that's just where they violated even more of my unspoken music laws.

What about them isn't obviously Goth? They've got the spiritual reference in the band name - incarnate, better still the logo is made in runic, the dark and broody makeup with black clothing and plenty of crosses, they claim to be "Everything That You Despise" - a typical Goth label, and quirky band member names - Bones, Kirst, Mart, Leigh, and oh get this, Kinghorn. The music alone screamed conformism and 'Oh My Goth' suburbia, and a short visit to their site confirmed it.

They are anti-conformism conformists. They have fallen into a label and never bothered to advance it. How can I put this simpler? They're still doing the same thing Goths were doing when it became a 'fashion trend'. The whole reasoning behind anti-conformism is to not conform, nobody does the same thing, and that includes all those who aren't conforming.

Or would that make everyone conforming again?

Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed.

Isn't there any decent music? I've listened to Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Flesh Eating Foundation, Andriod Lust, Factory of Angst, and many other crappy artists who I just don't feel like hunting down. So far I've found three pretty decent ones, Autumn's Grey Solace, Voltaire, and The Sins of Cain. Granted most are nowhere near as good as Twelve Girls Band, Rasputina, or Enigma in that realm of music, but they're still pretty decent listens.

I'd love to add to my 367 hours of music - if you've got links, I've got some pretty eager ears.


pseudolus said...

Hi, Trisha,
I'm sorry for your disappointment. It can be an eye opener when one finds one's outlet for rebellion has become conformist or worse 'mainstream'. It happens to every generation. Beethoven was quite the rebel in his day. It just means you're getting old. ;-)

South Park covered this dilemma last year. And Frank Zappa did 30 years ago, when he commented that the hippies were all wearing uniforms just as much as anyone they were rebelling against.

Perhaps you need to broaden your musical horizens a bit? Goth seemed pretty conformal to me 20 years ago when it was just getting off the ground. Everybody had to wear black and crucifixes and eyeshadow and boots. I don't know if it will ever become 'mainstream' what with all the fascination with death and everything. But Mexicans are into death and it has become a pretty big part of their culture, so who knows, maybe Anglo Americans will too.

Trisha said...

I actually do listen to just about anything that doesn't stick to a terrible 4/4 and repeat the same notes over and over again. Some country I enjoy, some rap, but mostly metal and alternative beat my drum. Of all things, classical is by far my favorite.

Yes, there are a lot of conforming anti-conformists, and unfortunately these people will never see the error in their ways. The only true title I place on myself is Activist - if they could only see that.

Death is an allusion, just like Love. The Gods perfected it, and we made an imperfect copy. We never truly die, as the Mormons say, "We go back to the God which created us" - we go back to energy to lay in wait for another more solid form. I do not fear death, I know that Nature is looking out for the Greater Good. If I should die for it, then I have lived well.

Sorry, I have the flu, please excuse my erratic presence.