It has always amazed me how America's technology is somehow so far behind. You wouldn't believe the cell phones they are already using in Asia - and now they're developing an holographic receptionist. Amazing!


Anonymous said...

don't really know much about marketing and demographics do you?

the japanese had camera cell phone and much smaller AV equipment back in 1998 which we only started to touch in 2003 at the earliest.

we're not behind, just too many are ignorant (like yourself). there were countless americans using LD's and VCD's before anyone had windows 95.

I guess if you just surf the net and do a cut & paste it would result in being so insightful, at least to those who are clueless at least clueless more than yourself

million readers, the stars will have burned out for longer than existence

Will said...

only fools lash blindly, suggestions, creative and constructive criticizing is SO much more effective. Heh.
On the other hand.. it is sad but very true that other nations seem to have a far higher drive to advancement then we do here in the US. But that seems to be more a result of the culture outside of the US. Think about it. In most of Asia.. it is a matter of honor, personal honor, and family honor, to create, and excel. More so.. it is a matter of the survival of the fittest. Those that do not excel simply do not earn the pay they need to survive, for there are SO many willing and able to try harder. even the level of schooling is far superior there..
Hell... if Windows were made outside of the US it would be 10 times more secure... and would interoperate better... be more stable... etc... hhrrmm... be more like Linux that way wouldnt it?
Anyhow... the point is that we here.. in the US seem to have fallen into the “we deserve” to have things handed to us. We see it all the time... want more money to work less... employers dont want to pay what we are worth... when we actually ARE worth it. Those who cry most about the fuel costs are usually the ones who have spent all that money on those fuel hog SUVs.... super size this or that... so we can BECOME super sized ourselves. Lets not even get into the ridiculousness of the normal US views on sexuality. We are totally backwards to the rest of the world... then we seem to think we can go anywhere in the world and force our views on others... some of this stuff... yes.. promote freedoms.. health... elections.. right.. etc.. but this crap about “your either with us or against us” is just that.. crap.... anyhow.. enough of my rambling.

Trisha said...

Duh anonymous - knew about the cell phones they were using well before we were - hence the post.

I'm not saying none of us were, it just wasn't as wide spread as it was in Japan.

Trisha said...

And thanks Will for your rambling =) Good to see you here, and know with comfort that you are #16.

Thanks for pointing out to him that he is indeed a fool.

I'm not cutting and pasting. I do like to point out pertinent and interesting tidbits, and due credit is always given. Please feel free to show some evidence to your case, Mr. Anonymous. Or of course you could look at all the other bloggers writing about news who do the exact same thing - except they rarely include their opinion, and indeed simply CUT AND PASTE.