Humanity or Evolution, The Human Problem

Some time ago in my personal journal I wrote about LCD or, Lowest Common Denominator. Essentially, it is a societal complex of wanting what someone else has to the point of completely disregarding familial and personal development, causing lowered societal standards for education, spirituality, and morality.

In the end, this causes a rat race - a continuous need to 'buy' and 'have'. This is where the problem lies. Instead of 'growing', 'developing', and 'expanding' we are constantly living in the minute instead of in the future. It seems nobody can see beyond their nose - or rather, that piercing they want in it. Society is so focused on having 'things' that they forget about the power of 'thought' - and worse yet, our government is encouraging this epidemic.

Welfare mothers see that if they have more kids, they get more money. When investors for a business cannot be found, new business owners turn to the government. Senior citizens who forgot to plan for retirement lean on the government. All this leaning on the government causes more people to want money from the government, and turns the government into a self-bankrupting lottery instead of a governing body.

Get this through your heads - the government is not your hand-out (see the entry in Common Sense). They make the laws, they keep us safe, they build our roads, and that should be it. Get your hand out of their tax plate - they need it to keep hijacked airplanes from crashing into national monuments.

Think about your position, and think on how you can develop your life into something better. 'Grow' into your better self, 'develop' a plan to walk out of the rat race, and 'expand' your mind. Reach for your spirituality, produce true thoughts on how to make a better future - don't just sit there and mope over your leaking roof, broken jewelry, or that Hilfiger shirt you can't afford to buy. Raise your families - not your bills. Get outside, do something fun and free, teach them about art, history, and your God or Gods. Discover your meaning for life, instead of the median income.

Don't worry about having a Geo instead of a Jaguar. Do you really need 6,000 horsepower to drive 35 miles per hour? Heck - do you really even need a car? Get a local job, or find something you can do from home. Conserve gas, decrease our national debt, and let America at large get out of this rat race.

We are our own problem. Our ideals, our wants, and that stupid 'standard of living'. Here's a news flash, in 20 years the position New Orleans is in will be a nationwide epidemic if we don't reverse these idiotic trends. Get away from that television and DO something productive, creative, and positive.

Tomorrow we'll look at more problems blocking human evolution...


Faira said...

Mayo, Finally, someone with thoughts like mine. Welfare was meant only to give a family a hand up, not to be a way of life hand out!

Many others are so focused on, bigger houses, bigger toys and the fancy cars and trucks that they have lost site of raising their own children, letting others do it for them. I even read recently that their are now people, that working parents can hire to, potty train, play ball, bake cookies, read stories, ride bikes, go to their school events, etc., with their children. Why did they have children in the first place!? Faira

pia said...

We're a materialistic society yes, but I can't help but believe that under it all we are the most generous people.

We've just lost our way. Now is the time to reclaim it

As an SSI claims rep I worked with too many welfare moms to think that most really wanted it; to go into the problems that made them have children for self esteem would take a book

I'm not a bleeding heart by any means, actually the only good part of Newt's contract was seeing former welfare mom's learn how to be self sufficent--but when the kids are sick, it becomes hard.

Too much for a comment! And I only fixated on one little part

Trisha said...

Faira - Finally someone else sees the truth!

It's terrible that parents don't take the time to spend with their children, even worse that they hire someone else to do it! Absolutely awful! We should focus once again on the family unit instead of the monetary unit. Too many people are lost to this fact! Thanks for visiting, miss Daffodils and Dragons http://daffodilsanddragons.blogspot.com/ reader #15! =)

Pia - Thanks for your input =) This only adds to my point - if the family unit had been focused on and nourished in the first place, we wouldn't have women becoming mothers because they NEED kids. We need to get out of this cycle!