Special Report! Interview With T. Chase

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for this extra special announcement - I've got a special, exclusive interview with T. Chase. Please pardon the roughness of this - but I'm an interview virgin. Thanks T for popping my cherry ;) Strap in, cause here we go! (T's answers are italicised)

What precisely prompted your search for the future within historic texts?
I've been interested in astrology, prophecies, New Ageideas for about 20 years. In 1998 I started this werbsite to spread my ideas to the world, and have steadily added to since then.

Can you give a few examples of seemingly far-fetched predictions that actually came true?
I had predicted Muslim terrorism in July 2005 by the astrology pattern occurring then. And there was the attack on the London subways then.

Has doing this changed your life?
Yes. Actually its a hobby that I enjoy. It keeps my mind working. I work on my site several days a week.

How do you go about predicting?
As described on, I combine astrology, Bible Prophecy, the King James version Bible code, numerical analysis, etc., to predict future events. A major breakthrough for me more than a year ago was when I started using the King James version Bible Codein English on my computer.

Have you ever predicted anything besides complex systems?
I generally predict world events. But here's a guess on baseball: I think the Chicago White Sox will win the Baseball World Series this month.

What other applications have you found for your knowledge?
On my site you will see my attempts at using the King James Bible Code for many other applications: developing Cold Fusion for nuclear power, attemptingto solve the Natalee Holloway missing person case, theoretical physics, etc..

What do you hope to change or affect?
I hope to change the world for the better, and to warn the world about the danger of asteroid impact and Muslim terrorism with Muslims using nuclear weapons against the U.S.. I see a great world crisis with Muslim nuclear terrorist attacks on the U.S. and Israel in August 2007.

Finally, what is your prediction for Terence McKenna's Omega Point, December 12, 2012?
On my calendar page I have my predictions for future years. In 2012 I think the world will be still rebuilding following the catastrophic events of Armageddon that begin in 2007 with Muslim terrorist nuclear attacks. So a "New Heaven and New Earth" is being built then,
with the New Jerusalem in New York City. I think that President Hillary elected in 2008 (as indicated here by the King James Bible Code) will have much to do with rebuilding the world then.

For those who find the idea of Muslim nuclear attacks far-fetched, please read the recent 2005 book "The Al Qaeda Connection" by Paul L. Williams, about Al Qaeda having already brought nuclear weapons into the U.S. that they plan on setting off all at once in several cities, probably on some Osama planned anniversary date.

T was very careful not to answer my personal questions, such as what co-workers think of this hobby, and states to:
Refer to my bio information at the bottom of the first page of my web site. Think about the topics of my site, and you will understand why I prefer to not say too much about myself. I see myself as a kind of"Zorro" character.

Well, I can certainly relate with you there, T! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with me, and I look forward to working with you more.

Tomorrow we should return to the regularly scheduled events =)

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