The Final Collective Mind

Our last stop in this series on the Collective Mind is the Shamanic Plane.

You've been visiting a part of it for some time - a place I call 'the cove', with a cave, a forest, a meadow, a river, and mountains in view. This is the basic first starting point. There are many many more places to visit - so many that I will only cover basic information on each. You build each one to your specifics, but there are visual tools that you must build into these places in order for them to be useful.

Perhaps the most useful place to build is The Home. Explore out to the meadow, over to the hilly plains, and seek out a nice level area. Hire a crew, order the supplies, and watch as they build it for you. This Home should be not entirely large, about 40 feet by 40 feet, and as extravagant or basic as you wish it to be. What's inside is most important. Place your desk in the middle of this one room Home, and next to your desk there's a file cabinet. Inside the file cabinet is information on every living person - simply pull out a file and read the facts. Inside each file is also a DVD, which you can put into your player and view on your TV parts of their life. Across the room is a stage or podium, to which you can summon any person, alive or dead, and interview. The furnishings aside from that are up to you - but keep in mind this is your place to work. It will take time to be able to use these tools, but once you reach a point where you are no longer using your imagination it will become easy.

Another place to build is your meditative pond. Simply dig out a hole in the ground and build a serene place. When you look into this pond you will see yourself - but not as you appear. These are things you must develop, or that you're doing well.

Deep inside the cave at The Cove you will discover secrets about yourself - past lives, past lovers, anything deep in your history. It is very much a maze down there, so please be careful not to get lost! Each door holds a new secret about yourself.

There's a mountain in the range that connects to the clouds. When you find it, climb up to the clouds and speak with The Guardians of Knowledge. Mind you - their job is to GUARD the knowledge, so you must proove yourself to be noble and trustworthy. However, they tend to enjoy providing you with plenty of temptation to be otherwise. Don't let them lead you astray!

Deep within the forest is your special home - when you find it you will know it and know what to do with it.

Very far downstream, almost to the ocean, there is a community of sirens. I haven't quite discovered their purpose yet, but they're quite fun to play with and very friendly.

These are all the places that I have discovered so far - and I've also realized from speaking with other Shamans that this plane is different for every person in certain regards. The basics mentioned above are almost always exactly the same, but the World expands much more beyond this. It is up to you to discover all of it, and realize your true potential.

Let the wind lead you, and the birds sing your song as you walk. There are no threats in the Plane unless you invite them. And remember, the longer the journey, the more truth it holds to you.

Unless something strikes me between now and then, tomorrow I will start the next series on Humanitarianism Vs. Evolution. Enjoy your day!

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