Humanity or Evolution, The Human Problem 2

Now we return to Singularity, and add a new theory, Catastrophe Theory. There are published documentations, as shown before in Singularity, Psychic Evolution Pt. 3 regarding when Singularity will occur, and now we will apply Catastrophe Theory to this.

Catastrophe Theory deals with the possibilities when one factor changes - as in predicting mudslides and so forth. It is a part of Singularity theory - the part that tries to define what happens when two factors cross. The name 'Catastrophe' might be a bit off-key, if Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near depicts an accurate prediction utilizing Catastrophe Theory, for his optimistic but cautioned future. However, T. Chase has been doing a lot of work on the subject of future economic conditions using numerous techniques, and an important part of his prediction for the very near future follows:

Oct. 2005. A 666 day interval date, possibly significant for the Antichrist and Muslim Terrorism. Oct. 3 2005 there is an Annular solar eclipse that passes over the Muslim world - Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. Oct. 4 is the Jewish New Year, and also Oct. 4 is when the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan begins, ending Nov. 2. Ramadan beginning as an eclipse passes over the Muslim world is very significant in terms of prophecy, and the Muslims will likely also find it so and interpret it as a sign from Allah. Watch out for major events in the Muslim world then, and especially watch out for major Muslim terrorist attacks on Oct. 30 2005, the Muslim Night of Power Lailat ul-Qadr, which celebrates when the Koran was revealed to Mohammed, which in 2005 falls on Devil's Night Oct. 30, the night before Halloween in the U.S., indicating there is a strong Satanic energy to the Muslim Night of Power in 2005. Also, the planet Mars (war) is closest to earth on Oct. 30 2005. This all adds up to major Muslim terrorism then, Oct. 30, and big trouble. This will likely cause economic chaos also.
He has so many more predictions and corelations then that - the site is truly an endless basin of information - but that's another story for another time.

Personally I haven't taken the time to sit and understand the math, but I can explain what is behind Catastrophe Theory. Shown to the right is a Cusp catastrophe - this classification applies to two 'control' factors. It may be a bit difficult to see what's going on here if you don't see the control part at the bottom. Imagine this diagram as a cross-section of land, and the Path A and Path B 'controls' are the tectonic plates. The 'bifurcation set' is essentially the energy conversion - the friction caused. All this action reverberates up to the top levels, and causes the sideways mudslide shown.

Essentially, it shows what happens when items work in opposite directions - now let's apply this to economics. Our controls are Supply and Demand. Demand has already started to slip into a different direction due to disproportionate expense/expendable income ratio, mainly because of increased gas prices. The effect on our stock market is apparent when one looks at the top losers at Trading Charts - most of them are 'extras', like Whirlpool, and Student Loans. The top gainers are all investment and energy related. So, money is going out of circulation - this is very important. When an investment is made, the money disappears for a short time before it is recouped and can be repaid - essentially it sits in a bank doing nothing for a few months. On top of that, we're paying more to overseas energy suppliers whether we realize it or not. Money is going out. One of the controls is slipping - the Catastrophe has already begun.

One of the ways we can reverse this is by investing within our nation, and not overseas, beginning with the stock market and working our way toward energy management. Also, exporting more and importing less would help significantly. So many American businesses are only American - they don't ship overseas because it's so darned difficult. However, it is exceedingly easy for foreign businesses to sell to Americans. China's bureaucracy has incidentally made their economy significantly stronger than ours simply because it is so hard to export to them. Another huge problem is overseas labor - we are paying the labor force of other countries for products that we're buying! If you think that's not so bad, think on this - the retail profit margin is generally less than 10%, and labor expense usually runs 40%, so we're keeping 10% in America and sending 40% to the other country for something they didn't conceive, invent, or dig up from natural resources. We're giving them free money and employing their people!

More on this tomorrow =)


Anonymous said...

how much of this blog is really your own thought? how much is actually just copy & paste for the most part?

cut to the chase and paste in award winning writtings

Trisha said...

Hah! Everything that's quoted is QUOTED.

Want my resource?

Look in THAT for Catastrophe Theory.

The image was found through a google image search for catastrophe theory.

Everything else I learned by being taught.

Go ahead, try and find my exact words.

Anonymous said...

it would be safe to say your term papers or even a public speach would be nothing more than piggy-backing on others work.

who cares anyway? in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king it seems.

cut & paste - with that sort of fact finding and blogging of sorts i would think you could have a phd now. until someone found out you just vomit up what others said by rehashing it.

stand up on a corner and reword speaches of gandahi and martin luther king.

Trisha said...

I implore you - find SOMETHING that even attempts to explain what I have here. There is nothing. Right here is the only free place you will be able to find an understanding of Catastrophe Theory.

Innocent until proven guilty, my friend, so seek before you attempt to destroy. Otherwise, you'll find yourself to have been made an ass.

Trisha said...

Just to clarify:

I have not "piggy-backed" off of others' words because there are no other words.