Humanity or Evolution?

People are living longer, healthier lives. The richer nations are forgiving the poorer of their debt. Everyone is trying to help everyone else clean up and get back to normal after the recent natural disasters. Yet there are still so many in poverty. There are still so many people that just can't make ends meet, no matter how hard they try. Worse yet, there are thousands of delusional, criminal, hateful, and simply evil people in the world that really don't deserve to be around. This isn't the way it will be in the future - in 20 years America will face a New Depression, and the rest of the world will follow closely. Some decisions and sacrifices will need to be made - but how will we come back to thrive after this disaster? How can we find ourselves 'back to normal' after the worst economic disaster in history?

The simple fact of the matter is, science is meddling with nature. Darwin's survival of the fittest no longer applies to the human race, and our home, Earth, is becoming overwhelmed.

Woody Allen once stated:
More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads.
One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness,
the other to total extinction.
Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

Essentially, when the choices are:
1. Try and keep up this impossible pace
2. Make sacrifices so that the rest can survive and thrive,

...what do you choose? Trying to keep up this rat race of 'repair everything broken' will almost certainly proove to be an utter failure, whereas 'cutting dead weight' would more than likely proove quite fruitful - but is it a worse solution to kill a few to help the many?

Nature says no according to Darwin; economists say no; but humans say yes.

We are so attached to the notion that if it is alive it should be helped to survive that we forget about the greater good. Would it be, perhaps, that this living being is dieing for a reason? To proove to us that we are going the wrong way, or to try and balance things out again? It may sound very cruel, but I say 'to each his own' in a new sense - every country look after your own. If you can't, too bad. The Age of the Fittest is upon us.

Then there is still yet another question: how do we get this across to government? How can we tell them we should look after ourselves and prepare for this New Depression instead of meddling in everyone else's doings? Would doing so cause a world war?

How are we going to survive this mess?

I know I popped this New Depression on you without reference to anything or why it will occur, but it's a very quiet rumor amongst futurists and economists - a group I have the great fortune of overhearing every now and then. However, for them it's a quiet rumor - for me it's really important. They're not worried about 20 years from now - most of them will be dead or long since retired by then - but I'll be in my late 40's. I'll still have to work the rat race. Everything is in the math - mainly in the catastrophe theory.

I'll go into more of that in the next post. Your thoughts are, as always, more than welcome!


: JustaDog said...

One is in the rat race if they chose to be a rat. Some choose not to be in the rat race and do something about it. I guess you could consider them the dogs and cats?

so many in poverty - usually by choice. In 3rd world countries poverty continues because they keep pumping out babies when they can not afford to and perpetuate their problem.

This happens in the USA but poverty here is usually because of poor education. Socialist-liberals have control of the public school system and their focus is not the children.

Socialists-liberals have removed the drive from people to achieve better - instead trying to substitute a caretaker government. People don't are not prone to get out of the rat race if they are continued to be treated like rats - and the socialist-liberals wish to treat everyone like rats - all the same, all should have equal portions of cheeze bits, no rat is less or greater than the other rats - no one will thus ever get out of the rat race.

in 20 years America will face a New Depression - same thing was said 20 years ago. If this country continues to be a social handout society it will get worse, and your prediction might come true. This is what is happening with Germany right now - extreme taxes, high-cost social programs, over 11% unemployment, etc.

You left out some realistic choices:

1 - greatly reduce federal social programs - reduces taxes, puts money back to the people;

2 - make incentives to people to NOT have babies they can not afford. Right now people are actually rewarded for pumping out kids;

3 - greater privatization. Privatize public schools, get rid of the union glut, focus on strictly education, make parents take responsibility for their kids instead of "the system";

4 - mandentory national educational standards. They have them in Asia and they work;

5 - make good health mandentory. No employment or health coverage for people that don't take care of their bodies - obese people and smokers. In our society it is becoming more acceptable to be unhealthy and proud - that is a sick attitude;

6 - clear out all illegal aliens, even those that have been here illegally for decades. These are felons and as long as they are permitted to stay we have lost any sight of a lawful standard;

Just a few - so many more.

Trisha said...

Thanks so much for your insights =) I knew this was a rather underdeveloped post - which was way I was intending on making it a series. I will certainly take your points into consideration, and it is very helpful to finally have a second opinion on the subject.

...and whether you like it or not, we are all a part of the rat race. You work for money, right? You pay money for food, right? You continuously need to work in order to eat and sustain your bare minimum standard of living, am I correct? There are very few in this world who don't have to earn money in order to survive - and in that case you're either insanely rich or part of a third-world tribe.

All of the other issues I will tend to once I've proven that economically speaking there's really nothing we can do about heading toward this Depression aside from drastic broad-stroke changes to society. Thanks again for your perspective, it is very greatly appreciated - reader #12, owner of Where's Your Brain another absolutely fabulous blog =) Enjoy your day!