Humanity or Evolution, The Human Problem 3

Finally we reach the greatest of human problems - stubborness.

Our simple lack of will to change, or to realize we were wrong.

When Copernicus discovered that Earth is not the center of the universe, his greatest fear was publication because of the ridicule it would bring. Puritans dealing with excessive persecution in Europe found a new home in the Americas because they simply could not believe their way of life to be incongruent - and vice versa. Today, our nation stands upon pillars of Freedom of Religion, and Seperation of Church and State but they don't even truly uphold our way of life. Our pledge of allegiance proclaims monotheism, Christmas is replaced with Holidays, and forget about including The Creation in academia. I didn't say Replace - I said Include.

Personally I don't believe in Creation as it stands, but I still feel we should give our children a choice.

Everyone is so focused on going down One Road that they forget to look around them and see the sights. Choice is the key here. Tolerance of other's views. This whole war is based on intolerance. And I know why we're going through it now.

I'm a firm believer that occurances in history repeat itself until humanity has learned the lesson. In the 1500's Spanish trade ships landed in Japan, and then Jesuits came to Japan and tried to spread their religion. After close to a century of co-habitation, Japan finally got sick of it all, kicked out the foreigners, and banned any religion or culture besides their own. In 1853 the foreigners tried again, and after yet another century of trade and co-habitation, Japan cried out, "Black Ships, Black Ships" and once again kicked out the foreigners. The reverberations of which can be heard throughout Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Pearl Harbor.

What was the lesson? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Japan had no problem living the way it was. Their internal economy was strong, laws were enforced, and eventually a Dynasty would change the way the people were treated. Sure their society was strange - but did they cry out for help in a message in a bottle? No. So they should have been left alone.

Society has gone through the lesson of tolerance again and again - but we just can't seem to get it through our thick towels - er, I mean heads. Let's see here, we've got African slavery, Seperate but Equal, the Salem Witch Trials, the Crusades, Hitler, women's suffrage - shall I go on? Feel free to add to this list.

My point is, you're not the greatest thing in this world. Nothing is. There is no end-all, no one true answer to anything.

Having said this, I am now changing the format of this blog. No longer will there be such a thing as 'series' of articles. I have found that I am boring myself, and probably you in the process. Starting tomorrow I will begin a new format, eventually leading toward the final format of this blog, including my own Wiki to save on definition space. There's lots more planned, so keep your eyes peeled and ready for a surprise in the coming months. Toodles!


j_in _J said...

ok very good thanks and look forward to the new is hot and water is wet. its all good. j in J

Trisha said...

Lol - thanks Jeff in Japan, also known as Mr. Sound =) Got any recent demos on that thing we talked about? I'm itching to hear them!

Graham said...

I love reading you think Trisha. I think a lot of your insights are very provocative. I definately think the behavioral patterns of society are as systematic as our individual behavioural patterns. But, I'm also an optimist and believe that as a species we are evolving in more ways than one. Tolerance of other perspectives, and an honest exchange of ideas is definately something we should not be afraid of.

Thank you for writing on my blog :).

Graham said...

I mean: "I love reading what you think"...

Sorry for the typo I've been up all night :).

Will said...

Have to say I disagree with your remark about including creationism in schools... isnt that what church schools are for? Teaching the religion that believes in creationism? I could see a comment about “these strange people seem to think that their one and only god created the world at a whim” might prove entertaining... but my thought is to leave it where it belongs... in the church... just like the “one nation under God”.. let ppl say that the the term “God” has been nutered.... sure... whatever they want to say just to get everyone to agree that this is some Christian nation...
word games... thats all it is ya know...

Trisha said...

Graham, great to see you here! Your blogs are certainly interesting as well, and I wish you all the best on getting this whole world out of this disgusting conservative swing. Thanks for reading, #17 =)

Will - there are some that think Creationist views should replace evolution in schools and museums. I definitely don't agree with that, but I do feel we should let the children choose. See you again =)