The Beginning of Psychic Evolution

In our world, there are very many paradigms, or concepts widely accepted by the general public. Most times, these paradigms become jumbled together, the person becomes confused, and then is unable to psychicly evolve. From here on out, I want you to leave your paradigms outside chained up to a tree. Liken it to a 'pair a dimes' - or ten people's two cents that you just don't need. Get strapped in good and tight, because the rollercoaster begins now.

You solve paradigm confusion by learning to jump from one level of mind to another depending on what the problem is - multi-plex thinking. Basically there are levels of mind and they all create diffrent psychic fields. Within each field mind patterns are always being recyled in and out of the other fields, depending on how much novelty or redundancy exists with the pattern.

Ultimately all patterns go back to an UNFIELD where they originally emerged come out again once more in different forms. Art, invention, or even - more paradigms. More on this next time.

A futurist named Alvin Toffler talked about three waves of civilization: agricultural, industrial, and digital. This seems rather logical to me. Obviously we are moving towards a digital economy where mental work is more and more important.

Then the great media theorist Marshall McLuhan who influenced Toffler talked about various evolutions of nested media and how they created a global village nowadays. Again we return to the Law of Accelerating Returns - a digital revolution.

Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit paleontologist who saw the earth evolving into a psychic entity. He sees evolution occuring from cell to organism to to planet to solar system to whole universe - and the noosphere is absolutely key to our next evolution - planetary psychic evolution.

Carl Jung
also speaks about the noosphere, except he calls it the Collective Unconcious. Although his idea is slightly more limited than Teilhard's, it covers the same basic concept. Every mind is linked, every thought, every idea, everything, can be accessed by tapping into this collective.

In order for this planetary psychic evolution to occur, the digital evolution must already be in full swing. The new digi-gadgets we have give a channel for communication, and as explained in my next post, will eventually link us emotionally to such a point that it causes singularity.

See you next time!


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i like that cat-tail quote.
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I've got an even better one coming too - just about to put that in =D