Novelty and the Noosphere, Psychic Evolution Pt 4

Terence McKenna also sees the world propelling to an Omega Point, much in the same way as Teilhard de Chardin. Except his prediction is for December 21, 2012.

Yeah, pretty freaky.

He theorized, and proved mathematically, what he calls the Novelty Theory where everything conceivable by man will be manifested in a very short period of time. Time travel, artificial intelligence - even an UFO visit. Very strange, yes - but he has based this occurance on this same theory that all minds will be connected.

Just like Teilhard's Noosphere.

Just like Jung's Collective Unconscious.

However, this 'collective mind' as I will call it from here onward, is already being used right now. This is not an invention of the future, this is a current thing that many many people around the world experience and use every day. Just ask a Tulku about their previous or future lives - they will tell you when they are born, where, and to whom - along with revelations and new realizations they will bring to this world.

In fact, all the way back to bicamereal man - cave man - the 'collective mind' was being utilized.

Three thousand years ago, the 'Gods' spoke to man, essentially giving him instinct. To them it was almost as though there was a true conversation going on in his mind, with one side speaking, and the other listening. This was about the same time as the Pyramids, Collossus, Easter Island, and Stone Henge. Technology back then is comparable to the technology of now, regarding astrology and time. How could they have known 12 to be the celestial number? How could they have devised stone structures that would capture certain stars during certain phases?

Either bicamereal man was very bored, or he had help.

Man kind today is the only mammal that does not have natural instinct, in general. Masters in esoteric arts, such as Karate, Shamanism, Wicca, and Buddhism, among numerous others, have special instinct skill sets that tell them about the world around them - and warn of danger, should it arrive. It all takes years of training, but the overlaying key to all of them is connecting to nature, and most do so by meditating.

Everything in this world is self-similar and historically beginning, if you look at it long enough. In order to advance our minds, we must do as bicamereal man did and connect with nature - by doing so, we will have reached the collective mind. Once everyone understands how to use our instincts - the collective mind - then society will be able to progress to the next, idealistic, phase.

Next time I'll start a new series. What would you like to know - more background information, such as complex systems theories, catastrophe theories, and so on, or do you want to dive right in and learn about the worlds within our world? This blog is your blog - make it what you want. I am simply the channel =)


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webjones said...

I would say that humans do have instinct - just that it is somewhat repressed by our power of reason. People who have trained in a discipline such as those you mention have learned to bring instinct up to coexist with reason on more or less equal footing. If you have a person who has gone the opposite direction - losing reason and humanity - I think you'd find just as much instinct as any other animal.

Trisha said...

Very valid point!

Thank you so very much for your insight, and I greatly look forward to seeing your future comments WebJones, reader number 10 =)