The Form(ul)ation of Collective Mind

Access to the collective mind both forms and is a formula. Don't worry, you'll understand in a minute.

The collective mind leads you to what you need to learn spiritually through low-conscious activities - like dreaming, create-ing, meditating, or performing repetative work. Your mind naturally receives these messages, and can begin to grow a library of ideas, questions, philosophies and theories.

If a mind is willing and completely open, the questions can flow easily, which provokes the search of an answer. Today's society is accustomed to traditional searches for answers - books and the Internet. However, 2,300 some-odd years ago they didn't have books aplenty as we do, let alone the Internet - yet Plato was realizing things like 'Nature vs. Nurture' and wrote in a dialogue format (hello! I'm writing a BLOG! The return of redundancy). In either case, when 'traditional' resources for answers have been exhausted, alternate resources are sought. Once this point has been reached, a paradigm shift occurs.

Mind you, this is in both sensate and ideational. In other words, if a person is sensate and experiences something like rape, attempted suicide, or excessive poverty, that person may reach out to alternative reasons for living. If a person is ideational and finds himself hopeless, faithless, or in most destitute cases mindless, that person may also seek alternative reasons for life. If they do not, they often become the bum you've seen in front of 711 for as long as you can remember.

This is how the collective mind would form naturally. However, there is a formula to assist in this process - or more appropriately, many formulas. Each formula depends on how willing and open your mind is currently - and how much of yourself you are willing to open for change.

Some formulas call for sensate starvation - fasting, poverty, and solitude to name a few. Other formulas require ideational overload, such as meditation and immersion. In today's society, perhaps the most widely accepted and utilized formula would be meditation. However, not every person can benefit from meditation because they are blocking the process.

Not to be redundant, but you need to leave your paradigms outside chained up to a tree. If you can't, which is very likely (most don't realize they are unable!), I'll teach you how in tomorrow's post.

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