Redundancy and Novelty, Psychic Evolution Pt. 2

Pitrim Sorokin described the concept of redundancy and novelty, in a fashion. He teaches that societies progress from ideational (spiritualism) to sensate (materialism) to idealistic (the combination). This is the pattern, the redundancy. It takes something novel in order to progress a society.

In the 1960s, California got a wake up call. Governor Jerry Brown launched a new way of thinking from his elected positions. Over time he became ridiculed for his tactics and progressional desires, such as launching a satellite into orbit so California could communicate better. He was nicknamed "Governor Moonbeam" and thought 'quirky'. In hindsight, the people have realized that he was simply ahead of his time. What was quirky then soon became 'forward looking' and is now simply 'conventional'. By the way, California did launch a satellite in a later administration.

Jerry Brown probably isn't the beginning of society's conversion from sensate to ideational or idealistic, but his political career has certainly been novel.

This is the way of evolution. It works in a spiral form with many echoes from the past fusing with the new elements of the future. Psychic evolution is certainly no exception.

Within this grander scheme of society's progression from sensate desires, there is the individual. The singular mind that will compute the information out there and have a revelation - a psychic evolution. Every day you are bombarded with messages - from media, music, art, religious establishments, and so forth. This is the redundancy. In every level of your psychic conscious you will find traces of these messages. When something comes from the un-field and interacts with your psyche, it is interpreted and filtered through all of these levels, a decision is reached, and it comes back out to the un-field for expression.

Psychic evolution occurs when something novel is presented with enough redundancy to penetrate and stick to each level of your psyche. This causes everything from the un-field to have a different interpretation - and most times causes a rapid succession of ideas that were previously inconceivable. It may be considered insane, but it is entirely possible to divide your psyche into entirely different sections of levels - only certain types of ideas from the un-field go through certain sections of levels, or even all of them, and create multiple perspectives, and multiple revelations on a multitude of levels. This is multi-plex thinking. This is when the human brain begins to gain more than the average 13% of use. We'll get into that much later =)

Obviously, if this can happen in a small group of people, then it can happen to as many people as can be exposed to these redundant patterns of novelty. This has been proven numerous times in history - The Crusades, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Tang Dynasty, and so forth. However, there is a new element today - digi-gadgets and the Internet. The psychic evolution can now occur on a worldwide scale due to our ability to communicate across the globe within a nano-second.

An evolution is coming - and a lot sooner than you think. Tomorrow I will write specifically about singularity and the Law of Accelerated Returns - see you then!


Anonymous said...

Ish is here :) I'm very much interested in the results of communicating this as you are. Up to now, the interconnected communicators have tended to stay underground, and veiled this information (and subsequent information you may be revealing) with analogy and allegory. It has been trickling out according to what appears to be a pattern of gradual disclosure. I have been riding the fence on opening pandoras box myself for approximately 3 years. So, I AM listening. Write on. :)

Trisha said...

Ahh, then you're really going to love when I get into the Noosphere, and how Shamans such as myself can access it with a mere 'flick' of our brain =)

I'm really happy that you've found me! =D