Singularity, Psychic Evolution Pt. 3

Singularity is the point in time, predicted by numerous futurists, when everything develops so rapidly that it cannot be conceived just exactly what will happen, insofar as inventions or intelligence. Most futurists believe this to be sometime around 2030.

In order for singularity to occur, there obviously must be one large mass of perfectly interconnected people - or things. Some believe singularity will occur due to artificial intelligence, Teilhard de Chardin is an example of a futurist that disagrees.

The terrorist attacks of September 11 were a very Teilhardian moment. They were the shock that is helping planet wake-up. Not unlike Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Teilhard saw 'evil' as simply the growing pains of a disorienting psychic disorder, ultimately moving towards a higher state of spiritual unity. World wars, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation were merely bumps on the road. The internet, the global media and the push to the Noosphere were the real game being played.

The noosphere was like a bag of psychic skin being created by the new McLuhan information and media technologies and envelopinging the entire planet. This noosphere is different from the physical atmosphere we are mostly used to. But like the physical atmosphere, the noosphere is also prone to pollution.

Teilhard saw the shocks on the way to the world's psychic membrane as part of an evolutionary movement towards an Omega point of planetary inter-connectivity. These higher levels of planetary interconnection were the key to the future evolution of the human race.

This subtler and more powerful psychic inter-connectivity would lead to a bigger and deeper union of humans. Thus the global shocks were the growing pains towards this psychic fusion filled with tremendous untapped power. This power was brought about by more people bumping into one another and proliferating their contacts and connections thus releasing ever more this feeling of common force as well as common anxiety.

The Internet is only the beginning. By 2030, everyone will realize how to access the noosphere, or be swallowed in a Matrix like world where machines rule.

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