Where were you 7 years ago?

Let's test your medical knowledge, based on the previous article (remember, the memory tests?!?) . Here's your question:

If you shoot yourself, in the temple of your head, will it kill you if you use blanks?

Answer right now before reading on.

Seriously. Decide already.

Okay. Read this and you'll find the answer =)

Today in Twisted History, September 26, 1998: Florida preacher Melvyn Nurse illustrates Seven Deadly Sins for his congregation by playing Russian Roulette with a .357 Magnum loaded with blanks. Unfortunately, Nurse (like late actor Jon-Erik Hexum) doesn't realize that blanks shot to the temple can kill him... And it does.


e.e.grimshaw said...

Your blog is so philosophically badass. I commend you; I can't imagine there are other people voluntarily preaching the word of Cary Lung out there. In regards to your comments on my blog: I thank you for them, I have a history of getting NO comments whatsoever, so the past week has been a refreshing change. That particular blog party took place in Midtown NYC, and I am by no means a regular blog partier. I didn't even know there was a subculture for such things. I'll link to you tomorrow, I feel the world needs to know about this.
e.e. grimshaw

Trisha said...

Thank you very much! May I count you as #11?...and I'll certainly be back to your blog - I love politics =)