The Collective Mind, Pt. 2

Learning how to visualize is significantly more difficult that it appears. You must first know what to know about the world - yes, that is correct.

Once you have finished reading this post, go outside and find a spot to sit near a tree. It doesn't have to be quiet, just comfortable. Close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few minutes, and relax your body from toe to head - concentrate on every muscle for at least 30 seconds before moving further up. Relax every single muscle - even your eyes, forehead, and neck.

Sit it in this position for a few moments. Enjoy the pure bliss of being absolute mush - no worries, no thoughts, nothing to do - except be mushy. After a few minutes, begin to listen. Concentrate on one constant sound at first. Realize the pattern, the pitch, what may be causing it, and also relate a color to it, a feeling, a temperature, and an emotion. Once all of these are in place, concentrate on another constant sound in the same fashion, until all constant sounds have been exhausted - including silence. Then begin to listen to everything all at once, including the new sounds, and feel, know, see, each of them, just as you did for the first sound. Concentrate on knowing every sound around you. Concentrate on feeling everything sonic.

Finally, envision a gradual light pulling you out, and open your eyes. You'll feel disoriented unless you have done this before, so don't stand up right away. Instead, with your eyes open, listen, know, feel, and see every sound around you, just as you did with your eyes closed. Don't look around. Focus on a brick in a wall or whatever and concentrate on all of the sounds.

If you can't do this with your eyes open, then stand up, go about your day, and come back to this in a few hours and do it again until you can concentrate on all of it at once. Only when you are capable of listening and knowing everything sonic with your eyes open and your body un-relaxed should you progress to the other senses. Once you are ready, perform the same as above for sight, touch, taste, and smell. Sight is special, so I will go into that tomorrow, but for the rest just do as you did before with sound - concentrate on one particular aspect and realize all the aspects of it, along with color, temperature, texture, and emotion. When performing taste you can also perform touch, but when you perform touch you must be able to completely visualize the object in addition to all the other aspects.

By performing these exercises, you are opening your mind. You are letting your brain reach conjectures about things that are not perceived in the real world, or at least, not actively perceived. The final step to this is tonight when you go to bed. Grab a notebook and a pen, and sit on your bed just before you turn out the lights. Write "I will remember my dreams" as many times and as creatively as you wish on the first page of that notebook - repeat that phrase in your head over and over again as you're doing it. Finally, place the notebook and pen somewhere nearby and go to sleep. You may not remember your dream the very first night, but within 10 days you will begin to have at least 50% recollection. Write your dreams down every morning when you wake up, and hold on to the visuals from these dreams. You'll need them later.

Until tomorrow, where I teach you that Vision is just a different form of Sight.

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