Although Muslim fanatics are somewhat more violent - do not visit that if you have a weak stomach! - fanaticism of any kind, especially the materialism paradigm, can really get you into trouble. All this guy wanted was a taste of 'the good life', now he might spend the rest of his life wearing a white jacket in a padded room.

Quoted From Fox News:

First Lady Nabs Prowler

SUVA, Fiji (AP) — The wife of Fiji's president caught an intruder doing push-ups in a room at the couple's official residence, police told a court hearing Friday.

Police told the magistrate's court in the capital Suva that 25-year-old Iowane Tuinamasi leapt over a fence at the home of President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and broke into the house before turning on a radio and beginning a workout.

"The first lady heard the noise and went to investigate. Once inside the room she noticed Tuinamasi doing press-ups while the music was on really loud," police prosecutor Suruj Kumar told the court, according to a report on the Web site.

She alerted an aide who nabbed Tuinamasi and took him to police.

Kumar said police were investigating how Tuinamasi sidestepped security at the presidential home.

Tuinamasi pleaded guilty to breaking into the house and told the court he wanted to know what life was like "up there" in the presidential home.

Magistrate Viliame Nadakuitavuki ordered Tuinamasi to undergo a medical examination before sentencing on Oct. 7.


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